New York State Fair


State Fairs. . . . eagerly anticipated at the end of summer as a ritual Americans come out in droves for. There is  livestock judging, sand and butter sculpture, the state’s  largest pumpkin, and roasted potatoes for only a $1 and too many other special events to name.

New Yorkers have a justly deserved reputation of impatience, but we saw people waiting in line more or less patiently for baked  POTATOES .  It is a Syracuse thing as I have seen them standing in line for salted new potatoes, too. I suppose it is not PC to mention the huge Irish population in Syracuse. . . oh well there I did.  There is actually a stop light that is most or totally unusual! Look carefully. . . .can you see what makes it unusual?   Yes, the colors are reversed and the green  light is on the top.  It is at an intercession of Tipperary Hill in Syracuse.Upsidedown-light2

There is a long history in the agrarian counties of the US first with  fairs to promote local agricultural products  There was a  carnival, rides,and games, music, and lots of fried food  for the enjoyment of the whole family that later included  State Fairs.

In 1841, Syracuse, New York held the first of the State Fairs in the Untied States, and it continues yearly  until this very day.  Here are some pictures from our day at the fair!state-fair


More food. . . . .


A building of miniatures. . . . .


Did I mention Princesses?   Dairy Princess. . . .


Rides on the Midway are for another day!


Getting bathed for the judging. . . . .

piano man

This was a player piano which my friend Anne told us about. They were popular in by gone years and the children had never seen one.  This patient man was letting whomever wanted ,a chance to make music in  this most unusual way.


There is a roll of music that is played by pumping air with your feet on the pedals.


Violet played and we all sang, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame!”


The Claire and Violet  were quite intrigued and we were there for quite some time.

Parker and minatures

Parker was quite intrigued with the men making  and painting miniatures and trains.  He had lots of questions which pleased the craftsmen!

At the end of the day, I was tired but it was a lovely memory opportunity which I am so glad to have had with these precious children.  And according to Parker’s watch , we walked 9,479 steps for the day. . . almost the 10,000  steps my doctor encourages!   The kids had energy for one last massage ride. . . and then  I was out of quarters! Time to go!

tired kids

Bye , bye Fair, see you next year !


Oh. . . don’t look too closely as the first and last pictures may look similar!

Oh can cold weather be far off?


This Is the Fun New York State Fair in Syracuse! 

Some of the images are from Google Public Domain.






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