Troy, New York Hidden Garden Tour

unnamed (63)

View from the gate entrance.

I have  been scurrying around trying to whip my “hidden urban garden” into shape for visitors this late afternoon and early evening.  Gardens will be viewed  on a self guided walking tour to benefit garden projects in the city. My garden is the one on the right at the end of the ferns and hosta.

THE SECRET GARDEN was a favorite book of mine years ago so when we took this first floor apartment, I just had to have a tiny, hidden garden.  The yards from the old rectory and ours connect and  so  my garden is also included.  It is a total shade garden and I love it. We have a fire pit for cools evenings and also serves as a  grill.

I am loving the shade perennials and adding newly  discovered treasure from local perennial sales.unnamed (62)

unnamed (61)

 I have used  some color  with shade annuals .  I learned to accent with color when we were in Italy.  Every balcony in Roma has pots  of various varieties of trees, annuals and perennials.  Very spectacular !

unnamed (69)unnamed (68)

unnamed (65)

The old school building known as St. Mary’s School is covered with the lovely ivy.  The window that is partially covered is my tiny computer space, when I am sitting and typing at this very moment.

 unnamed (59)

unnamed (64)

unnamed (58)

Oh, I wish I could sit and visit with you my friends and share a glass of iced tea!


This Is My Hidden Garden !


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I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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8 Responses to Troy, New York Hidden Garden Tour

  1. Well that’s just beautiful!

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  2. You’ve always had lovely gardens, Anne, and this is no exception! I only wish I could do the walking tour as there are so many hidden gems in your neighborhood. My foot needs to rest and I hope to be back dancing around in no time!

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  3. Patty Thomma says:

    Your gardens are beautiful. I missed the tour this year but look forward to visiting the beautiful gardens next year. I am new in Troy and a constant gardener. I would love to share pictures of the river garden in my back yard. Patty


  4. Laurel Leigh says:

    Oh, simply gorgeous. What a nice post!

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