Sarkhez Roza

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Amdavad has long been an  economic and cultural center and is known for her hospitality and the spirit of enterprise of her people.   Another important  aspect of Amdavad is the architecture of glory and worship  with Gandhi Ashram, numerous Mosques, and Hindu and Jain Temples.

The second site we visited with our trusty rickshaw driver /guide Selim was  Sarkhez Roza.  We spent several hours there. This is the only Mosque we visited last time that do not permit women into the hall of  prayer.  They may pray from the colonnade area or meet in the cleansing tank area.

We had such a laugh as we sat the Queen’s Palace watching some kids play cricket.   A man asked Selim if we were all one family!   We got such a kick out of that. . . . 10 children  including odd twins. . . Royd whose parents came from China, and Jawan whose family is from the Dominican Republic !

I was talking to some women and their children and asked if I could take a picture.  The  reply was “No,”  I just mention this in case some of you are not aware  that  many if not most Muslim believers don’t like to be photographed because it causes a human image.  They use no figures in decoration only shapes and flowers due to their respect and honor for Allah.

If you are interested and have the time, I am including the post I wrote two years ago.  It is ever so fun to revisit the old friends from 2013 first time in India tour !sarkhej-roza-img-2 The Mosque for men only.


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Women are able to pray in  the colonnade or on the side where the cleansing pool is.


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The tomb and the  courtyard gathering space.

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The professor, professing!


This is the queen’s palace that overlooked the huge lake which is dry until monsoon. This is where we were sitting watching Cricket.

 This Is Incredible India!




















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  1. I get to see the beauty of india through your eyes. I dont get to go as often as I like. THANK YOU!!!

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