Shimmering Sand. . . . . .


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Here are our camels and handlers resting as we dismounted and  waited for the sunset in the desert. Actually, I think that is Mr. Rocket, the camel that Jennifer and I rode.  He is the main man in the camel caravan!


A joyful celebration in the desert on our last day in Rajasthan!  This camping and camel ride was the perfect ending  of our visit and exploration of Gujarat’s neighboring state.  Never mind the 12 hours , yes 12 hours we would be in the bus the next day.  This day  is all about celebrating” this time and space.”


Here are Jen, Mr. Rocket and me as we set out from the tents. They were roomy and comfortable with one of the rooms being a bathroom or shower room.


Here are Sara, Royd, Palin and David . . . . .some look happy, but  not all !

10959896_776354379099628_4435281711109657377_n (1)

The desert near the camp was similar to the desert near Phoenix, but it soon changed into giant sand dunes. 10635817_10205620773777049_2043984804300057151_n

Here I am telling Jesse all about something every important. . . . .I am sure of that !

And lastly, is this picture of me, I have no recollection when Sarah took it or I would be smiling.  I always smile!   Anyway, I do like this shot of me looking out across Incredible India!


Here is Dbell walking back to camp. He decided he had had enough  of camel riding for his  lifetime!


One last thought from our desert adventure. . . . PEACE!


This Is Incredible India!

Love to know if you have added Camel Ride to Your Bucket list !






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I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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    Great photographs.


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