The Haveli in Jaisalmer

unnamed (38)

This is a picture from atop the fort in Jaisalmer, the Golden City of Rajasthan.


Today, Jaisalmer is a remote outpost in the desert and actually the last city in India before the desert and then the border  with Pakistan. The original city was founded in the 12 century as a trade center along the busy caravan route to and from Afghanistan.  The local yellow sandstone is spectacular, especially as the sun sets. It is an outstanding  example of Rajastani stonemason’s art  which appears  as delicate as lace.

unnamed (34)

The mansions and palaces or Havelli, were  built and owned by wealthy  merchants  who were competing for the most spectacular facade.  The first floor was a warehouse or business and the family lived above. This was due to the continuous blowing sand which was a constant and  uninvited guest.


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The narrow streets of this old neighborhood  retain the workmanship and charm of a time gone by. There seem to be more cows and pigs wondering  around the windy streets of Jaisalmer than in previous cities.  This increases the need to be keeping an eye where you are walking as well as trying not to miss the architecture  and fine stone carvings. Winding through the narrow streets, the enormous  fort is ever present  guarding from above.

unnamed (35)

unnamed (37)

Just a tease about the fort and its imposing structure.. . . . . .

This Is Incredible India !


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