Kites By Day, Lanterns By Night. . . . .



Here we are on the roof of the Mill Owner’s Building setting off lanterns!  You can tell by the happy faces that a fun time was had by all !

We leave Jaisalmer in about an hour.  I thought I would send along this image though it was a few weeks ago.  We are heading to the desert to the camp where we can ride camels , and sleep tonight in the desert.  We rode camels in Egypt ages ago and dbell says “Not again!” but I am considering it!

Tomorrow we head back to Amdavad and more regular internet!

This Is Incredible India !

PS. . . .We actually could see CNN International and so have kept up on the Obama/Modi news.  The Indians have been so excited that Mr. Obama was the important guest at the Republic Day Parade. It was pointed out that he chewed gum , but dbell says, “Give him some slack.  Giving up cigarettes can be terrible!”   There were lots of pictures of what the kids call “bro-hugs” and much commentary on Mr. Modi’s fashion sense!   I do just hope that the agreements that were or will be signed with be advantageous to both countries. China jumped right in to warn India not to believe the US!  The 1.6 billion souls in India are very attractive possible consumers  all over the world.

PS  I got this ready to post the second day in Jaisalmer and then was unable to post it either that afternoon or the next morning. Challenges . . . . .

We arrived back in Amdavad after 12 hour trip from the desert camp.  Good to be home!

This Is Incredible India!


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I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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