Amdavad’s Sunday Market

Sunday Market in Ahmedabad (Amdavad)

This market is named “Sunday” solely because of it’s location at the end of the Ellis Bridge and its”business only on Sunday”.  There are daily markets all over the city as these are  the places where everyday people do their shopping. I would imagine that most people in Ahmedabad have never been to Himalaya Mall or Alpha One Mall, and probably don’t know of their existence. The Sunday Market is on the old city side of the river.  Ahmedabad proper is divided by the river with the old and new city on opposite shorelines. It reminded me of Buda and Peshest divided by the Danube River in Hungary.This spot at the end of Ellis Bridge was the same location where our shooting for the TV episode began.    Image

The director, in the light shirt, is blocking a shot with the star who was always covered, when the camera wasn’t rolling, by the umbrella carried by a young assistant. This is to prevent sunburn or tanning. As I discussed before, light skin is always preferable. We even  saw, on numerous occasions,  young women wearing  elbow length  gloves while riding motorbikes to prevent sun on their arms.

This Sunday, we came in a rickshaw to experience the Sunday Market first hand. Image

Our driver, Suneil,  parked and came with us.  We were surprised, but he insisted upon walking behind us as there are pickpockets in the crowded, winding market. Items are arranged by category so that there is some order, but mostly you wonder, look, and buy if you want a bargain   Unlike some of the other markets, bargaining is encouraged which David loves. I, on the other hand, always  think “Oh, they are so poor and need the money……”  David’s reply is that Indian people have been bartering for thousands of years and they won’t be cheated.  In fact, as in Egypt, the merchants appeared to enjoy the sport of bartering with David.


Everything was sold at the”S M” including fold-up beds, pots and pans, clothes and spices.There were even green parakeets and bunnies which of course the animal lover….loved!ImageImageImage

Next, we made our way to the goat market, which we observed from above.  People buy goats for their milk and the Muslim people often use them for meat.


There are aways lots of sweets to satisfy the Gujurati sweet tooth! Image As we stopped on the bridge leading  us back  to” our” section of the city, we took one last look  at  the crowded,  noisy, hot, market teaming with the masses of Sunday shoppers.


We decided that this had been an adventure, but our favorite market, any day of the week, is found in old town Ahmedabad. After all we had seen a elephant there with his rider guiding the big fellow through the crowded streets.  Hard sight or experience to beat !  Image

T I I I !  This Is Incredible India!

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I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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7 Responses to Amdavad’s Sunday Market

  1. ShethP says:

    Seems like you had an exciting time! Love the photographs with the rabbits. 🙂 Just wished to point out a slight change. In the sentence above the photograph of the sweets, you have written ‘Gurjurati’, whereas it should be ‘Gujarati’. Anyway, Happy Blogging!


    • annetbell says:

      We had a wonderful 4 months in India! Husband has been asked to take the next group to India in December so if all goes as planned, we will be there for another 4 months. Time in India is not a vacation but a marvelous adventure! I corrected the spelling. . .you have an eagle eye. . . I am not even a very good speller in English! Thanks for the help and comment.


  2. Looks like you had a good time !


  3. YellowCable says:

    The rabbit on your shoulder looks so cute.


  4. Such amazing experiences! And you get to do it all again? How wonderful!! 🙂


  5. Hey I was there last Sunday with friends. Its been changed now. Totally different. Now its well organized. Looks good but I’m bit sad that, the raw look of Ravivari has gone. Overall, still its a wonderful place to visit…:)


    • annetbell says:

      Namaste. . . . . .

      Gracious the “raw look” of the market of chaotic organization was so much of the charm. Maybe now is better, but will have to wait and see the transformation! Happy shopping !


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