Vals, Collision at the Thermal Baths of the Architect, Businessman, Politics, and Minimalism

High in the towering Swiss mountainsabove Geneva, is a quaint Swiss town which appears  in so many ways, ordinary.Vals_GR   With a closer look, a natural stone cave-like structure is visible. images (10) images (11)   The stone used by Peter Zumthor, the Swiss architect,  is mined from the mountains and used inside and outside the thermal baths. 700_spa-zumthor-valser-chairs   The spectacular mountain  view is an integral part of the architecture , whenever possible. images (12)   The elegant minimalist room decor  is comfortable and inviting. There are five hotels available. images (14)   Our French friend said that it is expected that  guests eat at least one meal in the dining room, so we did. It was a delicious dinner  meal and probably one of the most expensive we have ever eaten with special wine for each course and impeccable service.  I can only say that our second night we walked down to the town and ate in a local  cafe for dinner! media_19 melanie-esc01 (1)   There are connecting spaces inside and outside for relaxing in the thermal waters. images (13) images (9) Therme-Vals-Switzerland-by-Peter-Zumthor-ideasgn-0   The sun lights up the spaces through the massive glass and is replaced with  electricity at night with a  delicate hand. ThermeValsScreen005Medium   As hotel guests , we had  unlimited use of the various pools, with a range of water temperatures, and spas.  There is even a  spa for  unclothed bathers which was not for us modest American visitors. There is a train from Geneva which takes you to Vals, though we drove the spectacular, windy roads.  This site is well-known to  the Swiss and Europeans . Remember Karloy Varay in the Czech Republic?  Europe has a long history “taking the waters.”  I have no idea what will happen if the businessman buys the baths, but my hope is that it won’t change drastically.  It is expensive , there is no denying that, but it is a place where memories are made, lasting forever! I thought this  jazz was perfect for the elegant spaces. There is a silent mid-night bath time which was ethereal.

images from public domain

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  1. Such relaxing ambiance !


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