BJP – Part I

Very thorough and in-dept look at the party of Mr. Modi. Lots of good information that was all new for me!


In the 1st post on Elections 2014 we take a look at BJP (the leading opposition party), recent events, internal politics and prospects.

BJP Takes a Punt – Declares NaMo as Head of Election Campaign Committee

BJP has gambled big time by declaring NaMo, three times Chief Minister of Gujarat, as its Chief Election Campaigner. It was feared that this move could increase infighting in BJP, alienate Muslim voters as well as some NDA partners. There was a lot of resistance and debate internally before appointing him (after all BJP is a democratic party).

The fears appeared to be true when sulken BJP patriarch Advani resigned (only to take it back in 48 hours) and long time ally JD(U) broke ties with BJP.

Feel the decision to nominate NaMo is a bold one, however it’s also true that BJP had no choice and he is party’s best bet. Its like…

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