Pope Kisses and Blesses Deformed Man


On last Wednesday at the Papal audience in St. Peter’s Square, this man whose body is grossly  deformed by neurofibromatosis, approached the Pope.  A lesser man could have easily turned away in revulsion, but Pope Francis reached out to him , hugged him, kissed him and prayed with him.

From John Farrier  www.neatorama.com

I am  thinking that there are skeptics out there who might say that it was all for show, the cameras, positive publicity.  Each week the faithful visitors of Roma gather at a number of 50,000 to catch a glimpse of the pontiff.  I have been there many times, both in the Square and the building when the weather is  cold for Rome!  Well, it could be true, I guess, but none of the other Popes as fine a man as they may have been, had pictures of themselves with children hugging their legs and sitting in their chair or blessing a deformed man.  All that I have heard of him especially setting aside the opulent lifestyle of the Vatican and living among the faithful…..appears that he is a Godly , loving man.



Namaste. . . . . .

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20 Responses to Pope Kisses and Blesses Deformed Man

  1. OyiaBrown says:

    Reblogged this on Oyia Brown.


  2. Harsha says:

    That is indeed very Humane,Today in my eyes respect for Pope Francis reached a new height,He indeed showed how Human Nature should be.. 🙂


  3. Unless we can look past what isn’t pretty to us and show the person inside compassion and respect, how can we expect anyone else to embrace us with all of our own flaws and imperfections? This, as small a demonstration as it is, says that such humility and humanity still exist, and that makes my heart sing.


  4. I love this Pope. I was raised catholic and kind of lost touch with religion in general over the years. My parents and relatives are still super religious though. I can’t help but just love this guy. Pope or not, he is just an incredible dude all around and it’s refreshing to see this type of leadership and example. I really really loved his stance on gay marriage. Great post!


  5. Even though I am not Catholic, I love this Pope.


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  7. A very appreciating gesture from Pope,also a message for people around the world


  8. Great inspiring picture.


  9. sport news says:

    holla this Thanks


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