Gift of Trees


As the thin, bare arms stretch and the tiny fingers reach for the heavens, the stately trees take their winter posture.  They are beautiful in their own right after the colorful autumn leaves falling to the ground.  Did you know that trees  are some of the oldest organisms on earth? There are some Live Oaks that are over 500 years old. Here is one from Maryland that was growing before Columbus had found the “New World!


The Giant Sequoia are  2, 500 years old  or older and  are in California. The people are so small in comparison and give you a scale to the massive size of the trees.


There are some Bristle-cone Pines that are over 5000 years old.  GBbristlecone

They are found in the Western portion of the United States.  I have to admit, they were not a favorite of mine, and  just appeared to be straggly. I had no idea that these are among  the oldest organisms on earth!

Trees help soil remain healthy  by reducing erosion, produce oxygen and use our excess carbon dioxide. There are 23,000 varieties in the world. Each state has a honored tree.  Here is a stand of the New York Sugar Maple tree:


and the Palo Verde Tree in Arizona which blooms in the spring and causes many runny eyes and noses from the falling, colorful pollen.



This is the pink Dogwood which is the Tree of Virginia. It also comes in white flowers.

There is no National Tree at the moment, but the Mighty Oak is thought to be the favorite when that honor is bestowed  on a tree.


Arbor Day, though not a national holiday, is set aside to encourage tree planting.  Trees provide shade, oxygen, fruit and nuts, protection , materials for homes, places for our children to play, and  we have to protect and  replenish  them.  As the stewards of creation, we need to care for and pass along healthy trees for our children, grandchildren, and all subsequent generations.

Namaste. . . .  . This Is Trees: A Gift and Responsibility!

About annetbell

I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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13 Responses to Gift of Trees

  1. Harsha says:

    Lovely Post.. 😀
    Especially the Trees that are so Old still holding the Ground so strong.. 😀
    Trees are indeed a very important part of our life without them no Life is possible on Earth.. 😀

    Hey Anne BTW I have something for you..Check out my Today’s Post–


  2. sknicholls says:

    That live oak looks like The Angel Oak in Charleston, South Carolina.


  3. Gator Woman says:

    Trees give us everything that they have, can we say the same?


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