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Rescue Dogs

Weronika, wrote me a lovely comment to my post several days ago about Rescue Dogs. I thought you might enjoy her thoughts.

what strikes me also is that as many first responders are now dealing with health issues relative to toxin exposures at the site, there were dogs exposed too. while humans were eventually covered with protective clothing and respirators, so many of those beautiful dogs had burned pads on their feet before receiving booties, to say nothing of their respiratory care. considering the years that have passed, the lifespan of a dog, and the potential ages of the ones that helped in the rescue efforts… so many of those canine first responders are likely gone now. this makes me think long and hard about donating to training funds and medical care funds for our dog emergency team members.

i’ve only just started reading about such organizations, but i’ve found some such as this: and see that they’re have tax deductible status. surely there are places like this in every state, and some that cover medical expenses.

i appreciated this post, anne. you really got me thinking. thank you.

I am very touched by Weronika’s comment and decided to share it with you.  Some of you might wish to visit the site she mentioned and make a donation for our canine heroes!   Do visit Weronika’s site.  It is great  Thanks so much! 

Namaste. . .  . . . This Is A Chance to say “Thank You” to Rescue Dogs

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