Breakfast at the Track

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The track at Saratoga was first opened for horse racing in 1863.  To put that in perspective, it was two years into the Civil War.  There were no battles of that war in this area. Every summer for six weeks, Saratoga is all about the races. I told you in a previous post that there are families in Saratoga who rent out their lovely houses for thousands of dollars for that six week time, go on vacation , and make enough money to pay for their vacations and for months of mortgage  payments. The race horse owners who rent the mansions, expect maid service, use of the families’s china,and silver as well as privileges at a club for this exorbitant rent.  They are willing and able to pay for comfortable places to stay.

photo (1) K &Alice

Here are my daughter Katie and her daughter Alice waiting to enter the track.


The grounds, buildings and flowers are beautifully kept and the old world atmosphere is unique in tracks today, we were told on our tour.  Many have remodeled and modernized. I, personally, love the Victorian feel of  Saratoga.

628x471 (2)We were headed for  breakfast and to watch the horses warm up. This begins at 7 AM and  is quite delightful, in spite of our early hour drive from Troy.  The races begin after the track officially opens for the day at 11 am.  We are not gamblers, so eating and seeing the horses work out was just plenty for us.


We were just under this awning with a great view of the track.  The breakfast was a substantial buffet with return visits welcome.


After breakfast, we went on the tour of the stables and the other side of the track. From a perspective of that far side, you can see the clubhouse and where we ate breakfast.

photo (1) starting gate Alice is getting  an up-close look and stories about the starting gate and how the high strung racers often fight  entering  the gates. Some need to be blindfolded if they refuse to  be  taught to enter, calmly.  When the gates fly open for the race to begin, they are expected to fly. No wander there is some confusion for the animals.


There are living quarters for the grooms and the horse caretakers as well as stables and everything needed for the care of the horses.  Here is a horse on the way for a workout on the track.

photo (1) horse

The exercise boys or girls follow instruction from the jockey and or the trainer for the daily exercise regime.


We were finished by 10:15  and hurried out in time to retrieve the $10:00 parking fee, because we weren’t staying for the races.

photo (1)  KAA track

Fun morning for three generations of Bell ladies!

photo (1) close up K&Alice

Love these two!  Thanks for a lovely morning. . . . .

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I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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16 Responses to Breakfast at the Track

  1. Judy says:

    The perfect day for three lovely ladies to enjoy Saratoga!


  2. i am excited to have a wonderful follower of your stature. your posts are interesting. The the post give me a feeling of otherwordliness….that incite me to view the grass on the other side, believing that it is better, more comfortable on the other side… once i will circumnavigate like you….
    you are welcome to my little, beautifully simple hamlet Thalappulam, near Pala town, Kottayam district, Kerala in south India…


    • annetbell says:

      You are so kind. Indians are genuinely sincere, kind,and patient, a blessing to all who visit your incredible country. Thank you my friend and I hope you get to travel sooner rather than later! Namaste. . . .Anne


  3. Saratoga Springs, one of the few places I have been in the US! Thanks for bringing us this. Lovely countryside. MM 🍀


    • annetbell says:

      I am very curious how you got dropped in the center of New York State in this lovely but small town! Namaste. . . Anne


      • Lived in Portugal, where Joe and Cathy met. Joe was a near neighbour in Lapa area of Lisbon. Cathy is from upper state New York and that is where Joe and Cathy got married. Long answer…….MM 🍀


      • annetbell says:

        That’s a great answer. What a good friend you are to go all that way to support your friend. My architect and I have been in Liboa! We were in Rome with students who demanded a Thanksgiving break to travel so we did Portugal mostly for the contemporary architecture in Porto. Stayed in some lovely Posadas though and ate some huge shrimp! Loved it!


      • I was in Ireland at the time of visit but co-ordinated with Lisboa friends so we had a meet up in NYC for a few days and a party before heading to a lakeside place in Saratoga. There were a couple of “Lisboa” tables at the wedding and we had a great time and hit the nightclubs later. Actually still in touch with someone we met in the nightclub as she came and joined our group. Great friends.

        Porto is nice and has some beautiful tiles (Azulejos), including at the rail station. People are great in Portugal and really make it. Was there for a wedding last year in central Portugal. MM


      • annetbell says:

        Are you from Cork? We were there and the driving pattern was awful. My architect did lots of swearing! He wanted to see a building at a college or school . Finally found B&B and building. Have you been to Derry? I love it there and Giants Causeway. . . I


      • Not originally no, but my wife is from the County. In Ireland the problem is the dawdlers who don’t indicate, know how to drive and can’t get out of second gear. It may be frustrating but not as scary as Portugal and Italy where it is the ones driving at 80mph, 2 inches from your back bumper that frightens me most. Not been to Derry but love the Antrim Coast and the Giant’s Causeway. So many places to visit….MM 👍


      • annetbell says:

        So glad you visited “the city” . I love it and in fact I am going tomorrow!!!


      • Have a good trip. We were there in the Spring before the twin towers came down.


      • annetbell says:

        You do get around! Namaste. . . .Anne


  4. Dana S. Hugh says:

    I love that atmosphere, although I never picked a winner :).
    Nice memories! Thank you!


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