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“Nominating Four Outstanding Bloggers for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award”

Dear Readers and Followers, Imagine my surprise to be nominated by Deodatta V. Shenai-Khatkhate (  for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”.  I am always  amazed that anyone would take their time to read my little blog. . . now this! … Continue reading

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The Blind at Your Doorstep

One of the universal comments about India is, ” Your senses will be assaulted” which is pretty much true….thus universal in truth.  What if you were unable to see the vibrant colors, the friendly smiles, the cows wondering in the … Continue reading

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Good Citizen – KFC

This is a rework of a much earlier blog from India that not many people saw. It was one of my favorites. Today is the first of two posts  in response to questions I have had about what is available … Continue reading

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Wire Madness

This is almost is an unbelievable topic, but trust me, it is real!  But these pictures are not Amanabad in Gujarat where this situation is much better.  In our four months there , we had a flickering and off of … Continue reading

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“California Dreaming” With A Young Indian Filmmaker, Chandresh Bhatt

  How did I meet an aspiring Indian filmmaker? Read my post “We Are Really Rock Stars. . .  Action TV Stars” for the details.  The students and I were invited to be tourists playing tourists in two episodes of a … Continue reading

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The Law Garden. . . Kitsch and Glitter in Ahmedabad’s Night Market

If you have been paying attention, with this post, I have now shared round the clock market shopping opportunities for you to explore in my Indian  home away from home. As the  name implies, the address is the garden and … Continue reading

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Cohoes, ( Co-HOS, a Native American name)  New York is an old mill city which had its hay day around the Civil War. But today, there is news from Cohoes about her lovely waterfall located on the Mohawk River. It … Continue reading

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The Banyan Tree

“Everyone has a story to tell. Every person, every animal, every tree has a story to tell. Not all stories have words. ” Beneath the Banyan Tree  by Emil Sher Namaste. . .  .T I I

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Believe Your Eyes!

In this ancient city of  Varanasi, (Benaras, Kashi) sacred bulls can be seen walking up  and down the stairs (ghats) to access the Gangi for drinking water and bathing. Namaste. . . . .T I I image from Google Public … Continue reading

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T J , My Favorite Old Dead White Guy

Growing up just thirty-five miles from Charlottesville in Virginia, spending graduate school years with my husband, and having my son graduate,  I hardly had a choice.  Everything was Mr. Jefferson this or that.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Charlottesville … Continue reading

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