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My Number One Favorite Rock Song–Music Monday

I love rock ‘n’roll!  Well you might say that is because that was the time  I was in high school and college.  And you would be right to some degree.   Funny thing is that I was much more into … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day!

I had never heard this song “Mom!”  It is a real tearjerker so get a tissue before you press play.  I am including the second version with the lyrics.  Shaun always does that and I like to see the words, … Continue reading

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Music Monday Josh Groban Sings Trump’s Tweets!

I hope  this brings a smile to your face on this dreary January Monday!  

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“Black Friday” by Steely Dan

David reminded me that Steely Dan had a song “Black Friday”. . . . title appropriate for today.  I love their music, not sure what the lyrics are about because they are sufficiently vague.  Doesn’t seem to be about shopping, … Continue reading

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