Helping the Helpless

Image result for images of small ships all along the horizon on the way to help evacuate troops at Dunkirk

About two weeks ago, I saw Dunkirk  the story of  the Allied forces trapped on the beach in France  as sitting ducks for  German guns.  They were trapped with no hope or help in  sight because no  large ships were  available from England to provide a safe haven. There is a very moving scene in the film were the horizon is filled with a line of small boats, fishing, yachts and a sundry of others which needed only to float.  The word had gotten out  in England that their boys were trapped. . .  . .400,000 of them and the ordinary everyday Englishmen instantly went without a thought for their own safety. The image above shows  the rescue of the soldiers of Dunkirk.  I wish I could show you the image in my mind that you will see if you go to see Dunkirk.

Image result for images of small boats saving victims of Harvey

Ah, and this week the  Cajun Armada  made up of row boats, canoes, motorboats moving in to help with evacuation in Texas.  I am reminded of  “history repeating itself” and am glad  there are still some heroes willing to put their lives  as in the  Dunkirk evacuation. Ordinary citizens loving their neighbors giving solace , protection and water. What a trans-formative event this could be for the division and hatred that has filled the  images on the news  before the flood.  These dear souls  saved people with no concern for   person, religion, color and creed, an example for us all to follow!

Let it be !

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I have been wanting to see this movie. I better go!

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