Music Monday on Tuesday. . . . . . Omni

Here is Omni  a band we discovered at the movies!

My favorite theater  in the area is Spectrum 8 which is now owned by Landmark Theater.  This is a national group with 56  theaters.  They are dedicated  to exhibiting and marketing independent and foreign films. This is  the roots of Spectrum Theater in Albany.  Back in the 80s these were the only films that were shown, but slowly for obvious economic reasons, the playbill featured foreign films and current traditional films as well and  a children’s film then and again! We are usually there early when the ads are going and the different music is played in the background. Friday night this was the featured band. Another feature is popcorn with REAL BUTTER and Carrot Cake which I adore. Sadly it is not on the diet! Neither is the popcorn but I can rationalize easier  to miss a meal and eat  that!

Omni is a very current  post punk Atlanta band with a hard to define  style.  I like the staccato beat and the sound or sounds.  The funny thing about music these days is that there seem  to be few popular established bands just lots of fledgling bands dreaming of hitting it big!


Oh yes, we went to see the film “Good Time” which doesn’t match our  expectation.   I am posting the trailer.  The professional critics all to a one praised its originality and speed.  On my recommendation,take all that with a grain of salt. In my experience, the critics always  like the “unusual”  films. I guess they get tired of the repetition and predictability of many films.

Just watching the trailer reminded me that there is a positive aspect of the film in the realtionhip between the brothers, one is is challenged either emotionally and or mentally

* * Two Stars !



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I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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