The Human Condition

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Part of the traffic scene throughout India , are women covered in vibrant  saris , with long white gloves, mouths covered along with their  faces covered leaving  their eyes uncovered except  some covered with  sun glasses. As we traveled by rickshaws, we soon discovered the horrible exhaust fumes filling the streets and we would hold up scarves to filter our breathing.  Some people in open traffic had bandannas  which were worn  to filter the air.  T hey reminded us of bandits in the old movies with their noses and mouths covered and tied behind their heads.

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The long white gloves were a mystery which was solved as we watched TV in the hostel where we lived. There were commercials after commercial for skin lighting cream. Next we noticed that most of the actresses and actors on TV and in Indian film were light or lighter skinned.  Oh course, the unrelenting and powerful sun darkens skin no matter the the beginning skin tones!

We were very surprised because to us the young Indian women with their perfectly chiseled features, their petite  builds. thick, and long, thick  ebony hair  were outstanding no matter the skin tone.   As we mulled this over  especially when out and about, a thought of clarity came to me.  People in the US , usually the young among us would spend money, time, and  risk getting  cancer to sun bathe or tan in a booth in order to be darker.

Can it be that humans are just naturally dissatisfied and want to be this or that or have this or that. . . .  . just be  part of the human condition?  I think so. . . . . . the human condition of dissatisfaction. . . . . .


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I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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6 Responses to The Human Condition

  1. There is another dimension to this in India – the need to ape the westerner. The 200 years of British rule ensured that a sort of inferiority complex builds in the Indian psyche that dark skin is despicable. Hence the commercials to make the skin fair etc. Even when Indian professionals speak in English, they tend to borrow an alien accent – American, British, Singaporean et al. The 200+ years of conditioning would take some time to get over from the genetic makeup.


  2. Angie says:

    One of the most beautiful women I have met and known was from India,Anne. The “olive” complexion I always wanted, mainly because my Mom always wished she had the darker complexion. Mom called it olive, so that is the way I always think of the lovely dark skin of the women of India. She cooked my first truly Indian food for me, then apologized because she forgot to “Americanize” it by leaving out some of the heat. I loved every bite of it, and learned to make it myself, using her directions. She has moved on to another state, but was such a joy to work with here. The best thing was that she never worried about being anything but herself. My biggest regret was that she was so tiny and I was so large then. I really loved her clothes, which would fit me now, but at that time I still had several pounds to lose. I wish she had shown me how to wear a sari. They were so lovely, but all I have now are the photos I took of her.

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