Remorse and Compassion

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This image has been on the internet for a while. I also read that it has been debunked as false.  Nonetheless, seeing it today made me remember a tale to tell you.

I have never seen this reaction of a matador to a bull, but have seen a  bullfight in Madrid , a fight to the death between a matador and a bull.  I had not wanted to go to see this gory unfair event.    The bull is teased and hurt outside the ring to make it mad enough to fight inside the ring.  My husband and children wanted to see this  Spanish tradition, so I was overridden.

As we entered , we were seated in a special box with other tourists, notably Japanese people that day.   Much to my horror the Spanish attendees would look at our box for our reaction to tho fight.  My reaction was  almost constant tears for the bull and his suffering.  The Japanese guests left after seeing only a few minutes but I couldn’t get any of my family  to follow. I was there for the whole succession of fights. One bull actually won and the audience voted to save him for another day’s fight. So he run out to  return to the ring and face his death on another day.

My husband told me that Spain avoided the World Wars through their neutrality.  There were sympathizers of the Spanish people to the Axis  side.   Well my husband thinks watching bull fights alleviates the  aggression .  I don’t know about that, myself.

Restaurants in the  Spanish capital city, advertise and have signs declaring the specialty  of  the fresh steaks from the matador’s kill.  In smaller eateries, there is a television broadcasting  recent fights for the diners to enjoy.

Spain is a magnificent country of  music, architecture, history, and food.  But bullfighting?

That is not for me !

This is the rest of the story!   Watch at your own discretion! I actually do have some negative feelings about Americans imposing our traditions and culture on another country.  This video is an accurate presentation of the process,.  What do you think? 

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I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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10 Responses to Remorse and Compassion

  1. It is an insanely cruel sport but like you, I have concerns about the imposition of our own cultural norms on another country. Mind you, we (UK) might be going backwards when it comes to cruel sports thinking of fox-hunting.

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  2. It is insanely cruel. And yes, maybe we have no right to tell others what tradition is right or wrong but this bull can not stand up for himself. He might be screaming at the top of his lungs and no one hears him because they all want him to suffer an immensely cruel death.
    So how can we NOT stand up against animals suffering? How can we not? Honestly, I do not care if it is your tradition to slowly stab an animal to death, I will still call you a piece of sh*t for doing so….. 🙂
    Once you see the soul in the eyes of an animal, you can never unsee it. And you will forever fight against animal cruelty.


    • annetbell says:

      Your passion comes through loud and clear. This is just one of many acts of cruelty that are in the world. It is good that ordinary people can make a difference in this examples of injustice such as child sex trade, people taken into slave working arrangements, land stolen from widows, and female genital mutilation. Should our country’s diplomats refuse to do business with countries where these atrocities take place? what is the best way to stop these practices?

      Thanks for taking time to respond. We should educate ourselves and do what we can to overcome injustice for animals and people.

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      • Honestly I have no idea what the best response is… I don’t think refusing to do business or boycotting these countries is the answer because bullfighting is unfortunately just one of many many cruelties… it happens everywhere, everywhere I look.
        My only response seems to be to get mad as he’ll and that ain’t very diplomatic no does if help the situation 😕.

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      • annetbell says:

        Things are very complicated for sure. Thank you for your honesty and chat!


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