Horrendous Heroin

Ohio police share shocking photos of adults who OD'd with 4-year-old in back seat

Parents in Ohio photo who were passed out in a car after taking heroin ‘almost definitely’ would have died, police say

  • Rhonda Pasek and James Acord were pulled over in East Liverpool, Ohio
  • The two allegedly overdosed on heroin and passed out in their car 
  • If police hadn’t intervened the couple ‘almost definitely’ would have died  
  • Officer pulled over Acord after he was seen driving erratically Thursday 
  • Acord allegedly tried to drive away, but the officer took his car keys 
  • Pasek’s four-year-old son can be seen in backseat of Ford Explorer 

The man and woman disgracefully pictured passed out in a car after allegedly overdosing on heroin as a toddler sat in the backseat ‘almost definitely’ would have died, police have said.

If police had not intervened, the parents – identified as 50-year-old Rhonda Pasek, whose toddler was in the car, and 47-year-old James Acord, could have died, East Liverpool service safety director Brian Allen told CNN.

The pair passed out allegedly from an overdose of heroin while a four-year-old boy sat in the backseat of their vehicle.

Miurhouse residential housing  estate in Edinburgh.

Image result for muirhouse edinburgh

This was the setting of the 1996 film.  The  theme of “Trainspotting” was the drug lifestyle of many of the young residents and a cry for them to “Choose Life” and not death in heroin.

It was a powerful story of  images  and words of out of control teens and the drugs they consumed. We see lots of films and I usually can’t remember the name or story by the time I get to the car.  I saw “Trainspotting”  in 1996 and remember most of it  vividly 20 years later. In the film, there is even a scene with a baby that will give you nightmares!  “Trainspotting” the original is available on  YouTube.com. You will never forget it.

Ironically, there is filming with the same cast of characters and the same director Danny Boyle ( Slumdog Millionaire) at this moment for release in the US in February 2017!

It seems that the message of this dreadful drug needs to be heard, not just in Scotland, but in the middle American state of Ohio!


Choose Life! 


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