A Call for Justice in India

India comedian’s angry tweet to Modi goes viral

BBC News

Kapil SharmaImage copyrightNARINDER NANU
Image captionKapil Sharma (centre) has a cult following in India

An angry tweet by a popular Indian comedian to Prime Minister Narendra Modi has gone viral.

Kapil Sharma said he was asked to pay a bribe of 500,000 rupees ($7,492; £5,632) to build his Mumbai office, despite paying huge taxes.

He tweeted, “Yeh hain aapke acche din? (Is this your idea of good days?)”, referring to Mr Modi’s campaign slogan in the run up to his 2014 poll victory.

The Mumbai civic authorities said the office structure was illegal.

But, they told reporters that they had begun an investigation into the corruption allegations.

It is not clear whether Mr Sharma paid the bribe or not. The state government has promised strict action against the “culprit” who demanded the bribe..

Mr. Modi, from a very strong and positive follower of yours in the United States. . . . .I say this is not acceptable.  You ran on a strong democratic platform. . . justice, entrepreneurial and business friendly environment.   Please take a strong stand in not accepting this injustice with  bribes being part of business practices and all done  with impunity.   I know that old ways are hard to end, but it is not impossible.  Your election was for  the old ways of India to stop.  Don’t forget all those 65 % of Indians who voted for you and are looking to you for strong and just leadership!


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