Dinosaur National Monument, Utah

David had wanted to be a Paleontologist from an early age and he was ever so looking forward to this park. He was able to answer all the questions that our ranger guide asked. . . . looking like a star.  He  pointed out how could either of us be stars, dressed in black on a 95 degree day and not a drop of water with us on the 1 hour and half hike around the site?  Well he spoke the  truth  !

Below is a video which shows the  hike around the site which we  enjoyed in spite of our dark clothes and no water.  We are basically city folks.  At the end of the video the  Quarry Exhibition  Hall and the speculator wall of dinosaur fossils exactly as they were discovered.  The wall was built to be one of the side  of the building.  This was the dream of the paleontologist of 100 years ago, Earl Douglass to educated the public.   He didn’t live to see it completed but all who visit are grateful to his innovative idea.

Surprisingly interesting experience for someone, me, without much knowledge or interest in dinosaurs. And a terrific , not to be missed place for David who is fascinated with dinosaurs!

Image in the Dinosaur Monument  Park.

The fossil wall in the Quarry Exhibit Hall.

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  1. thatssojacob says:

    Hopefully I’ll get to see Dinosaur on my next trip to Utah. BTW, haven’t seen you commenting on my posts lately…is everything OK? Let me know…

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