Tornado Alley

May is the busiest month for tornadoes or storms as they are called in Tornado Alley.  How  do I know that?  We  lived in Manhattan Kansas for three years. We knew that storms were taken very seriously as the “alarm” was sounded ever Monday morning  at 10:20 to insure working order.  We knew which corner was the safest for protection  in the basement in case of a siting.  We knew that anytime day or night there was hail after a thunder ad lightening storm that the atmosphere was ripe for tornado formation and that always the storm chasers were out looking for a  storm.  If anyone was seen within a mile of the town, the siren would be set-off.  We knew how erratic the storms were and that a house maybe flattened and the house right next door would be safe as the storm set down and then immediately lifted.  The most dramatic one that I  have heard about was a mile wide storm that wiped out the downtown of Topeka with this mammoth  storm slowly moving down main street for 20 -30 minutes.

There are several very good films about tornadoes as people are fascinated by them.

One thing which you won’t believe is that the sky turns green. . . . . . it can  and it does. I have seen it with my own eyes!






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