Radio City Music Hall. . . . .New York City


This photo was taken by my son, Chris, several years ago,  when he an his family visited New York City for the Christmas festivities.  As you can see, the shot was taken from seats in the auditorium of Radio City Music Hall.   There are seats for 6015  people.  The shows run from the end of November until the end of December. Some days there are four shows, others have five, and there are even six shows on the very busy days. We took our children when they were growing up and  bought tickets in September . All the shows sell out.  This is the home of the rockets the amazing dancers, there is ice skating during the show, secular music, and Santa taking off and flying across the stage.  I will never forget the first time I went when at the end of the show, there was a living nativity complete with camels, sheep , and donkeys as well as the usual kings, shepherds, angels, and Holy Family with a  baby Jesus!  Even today when  there is so much political correctness and  insistence on removing Christ from Christmas, this tradition continues at Radio City. No one demonstrates or condemns  the declaration of “Christ the Reason for the Season.”   As the pageant unfolds, a poem is read called One Solitary Life which I am including at the end.


No more words are necessary . . . .  . . Have a blessed Christmas. . .  .

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9 Responses to One Solitary Life

  1. Very Nice, It is appropriate to accept the cultural representation of Christ in our society. It is to bad that current political entity’s are offended by the mention of Christ. Though I am an atheist, I believe that Christ lived among men. I believe that he brought a message of peace, tolerance and giving. Thank you for sharing a great cultural representation and celebration of the life of an extraordinary person who lived among his fellow man in peace.

    • annetbell says:

      Oh I wish I knew your name and could thank you personally and properly. I got your comment this morning just before we left for a joyous day with family. writing a long reply on the I Phone is so difficult so I waited until I got home. But a lovely gift to start the day . . . . .you first taking time to read my post knowing it would be religious, your open-mindedness and and acceptance of views not held by you. So many people espouse freedom of speech and religion except for people with whom they disagree. I have great admiration for your tolerance and ability to understand and accept the part you are able to see.
      I don’t think I am expressing myself nearly as well as you did. Thank you for giving me this lovely Christmas gift. . . . your friendship!
      Peace, joy, health, and love to you in the New Year!

  2. May this holiday season smile gently upon you and yours, and may the New Year bring you light and joy.

  3. gpcox says:

    I was locked out of my e-mail all Tuesday morning and now I’m SOooooooo behind in my holiday wishes for wonderful people. So, may the magic of this season follow you and yours into the New Year!!

  4. annetbell says:

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    Reblog from last year. . . . Merry Christmas!

  5. And while the Rockettes are filling the seats at Radio City, there’s two tours filling seats around the country. (Or at last there use to be.) I use to dread three show days at ice shows and other family entertainments; but after working the five shows a day for the Rockettes, and sometimes the Out afterwards, I never again complained about doing three shows.
    Merry Christmas, Ann.

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2 Responses to Radio City Music Hall. . . . .New York City

  1. inavukic says:

    Merry Christmas, Anne – and a wonderful New Year

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