Two of the Beauties


Photo by Lea Gonyea, Syracuse NY

Yesterday, we got up early to drive three hours to my son’s in Central New York for a busy, busy Saturday before Christmas. The first stop  was a Middle School  in Auburn for Parker’s fourth grade basketball game. It was one of the elegant older schools constructed from brick, with windows and even a courtyard in the center square complete with a lighted Christmas Tree. The seats for watching the games were in a balcony.  I will never forget how Parker’s face lit up when he entered, looked up to find his dad, and Miss Anne (me!) and Bofa (David) as well. Chris had not told him for fear we might not make it, but how could we miss it.  Parker played well, with super ball control and defense.  We were very proud of him, as always!  He is learning the game and having fun. . . . perfect for this age !

Next was the Christmas Dance Recital for Violet.  She is 5 and in a tap class.  Actually the program was only about 20 minutes with each group dancing one selection to Christmas music  for the   approving audience.  Violet was Mrs. Claus.  I thought of course she was the MRS. CLAUS  because she is soooo special but it turns out there were about 12 Mrs. Clauses. . . . each girl in  group!  Her other grandparents and cousins and aunt were there too and we all presented her with flowers !  David and I didn’t have grandparents who  did things like  this.  We try  go to as many events as possible with all the precious grand. . . . making memories.

Next because things were still busy there, we started back to Troy.  The road was dry the the air clear.  We did stop at Wegmann’s for dinner in Lafayette as  a treat to us. I am thinking about writing a post about this , the best food markets in the WHOLE WORLD. . . no kidding. . . . that is not me. . . it is my husband and he never exaggerates! Any of you been to a Wegmann’s?

So we had an 11 hour day, with 6 hours on the road but it was all worth it for us. How thankful we are they are closer now as well as my daughter’s family  whom we are blessed to see all the time. The next all family event is New Year’s Eve at my daughters for us all with hats, horns, games , and amazing junk food!

Meet MY Mrs. Claus!


Merry Christmas! 

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I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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6 Responses to Two of the Beauties

  1. Neeti says:

    How cute!

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  2. Pranjal says:

    Time spent with family is Christmas indeed! 🙂

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  3. Cousin Jane says:

    Adorable! Worth the driving, yes?

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