Napoli, Italia


This is Napoli in Italia and what a sight to see, not far from Vesuvius , and right on the Mediterranean.There is very high density housing and the word is that if Vesuvius erupts, it will be  “arrivederci, Napoli.”   Oh yes, when we first started taking students to Italy for a semester  there was terrible crime in the city.  The story that put us off the most was just petty thief but ever so Italian in its drama.   A tourist taking a photography of this or that amazing sight., when  out in  the distance a thief would approach and as the photographer was concentrating on the shot, grab the camera in one fell swoop and run away. I am ashamed to say, that this kept us away from Naples on many visits and to our loss.

Finally we came to the realization that there are thieves everywhere and Naples is a very interesting place and should not be missed. On my last trip to Italy with students, I rediscovered Naples, and I am glad I did.


This is the San Gregorio Ameno or Street of Saint Gregory of Armenia.  Though the lovely Baroque cathedral is on this street, the crowds of shoppers are visiting shop after shop with traditional as well as unique Christmas creches.


This is the traditional Neapolitan nativity scene, probably nothing that you have seen before. There is architecture from Naples, Roman columns,  the Holy Family, shepherds, wise men and towns people as well as numerous peasants.  Notice that the family is in the inn and there is no cave or barn in the scene. There are olive trees, aqueducts and even laundry hanging on the lines. At first, I was not sure if I like this tradition as mine which  was very different.  But the more I think about it, this scene of the chaos and confusion  of that long ago Christmas Eve would have been more like the scene above  rather than the neat quiet barn  I grew up with.


The shops can be overwhelming with so much color, so many displays, and so many choices.

NAPLES, ITALY, OCTOBER 19: historic street "San Gregorio Armeno" of the old town of nativity scenes with puppets of famous people in Naples on 19 october 2013.

NAPLES, ITALY, OCTOBER 19: historic street “San Gregorio Armeno” of the old town of nativity scenes with puppets of famous people in Naples on 19 october 2013.

Another choice is the unpainted  ceramic figures.



I bought my son one of these sets. . . simpler, cheaper, and there were  even columns available!   I was happy he set it up as the decorated after this  Thanksgiving for his children!

If you are in the vicinity of New York City during the Christmas holiday, pop in to the Metropolitan Museum  to see the magnificent Baroque Nativity and angel tree. . .. You guess it from Napoli !


images from Google Public Domain

text from New York Times

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15 Responses to Napoli, Italia

  1. Janet says:

    There is a great installation at the Williams-Munson-Proctor museum in Utica on the Italian precipe or nativity scenes. Lots of photos and nativities of all sizes from Naples. We actually went for the Impressionism exhibit but were so pleasantly surprised to find the nativity exhibit.

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  2. Kentucky Angel says:

    Beautiful photos Anne. My brother and sister-in-love visited Napoli several years ago and took a few hundred photos to send back to me. I can almost feel as if I had been traveling with them thru these photos, and never leaving the comfort of my home. My way to travel!
    I made my first Foccacia bread today, a rousing success. Just thinking Italy reminds me of bread, especially herbed cheesy bread.. Hugs, A.


  3. The pictures are amazing!! And it was lovely to read 😀

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  4. Dalo 2013 says:

    I fell in love with Napoli years ago, and it still pulls my heart strings! For me this is a beautiful way to bring in the New Year ~ a great post and best to you with your writing in the New Year. Cheers to a great 2016.

    Liked by 1 person

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