Glasgow Heroes


Many of you may not remember this terrorist attack on Glasgow airport in the summer of 2007. The day before, another cell  attempted car bombs that failed in London.  I remember because we were in a Dublin hotel spending the night before flying home to New York. we were watching the BBC.   This post is not about the brave Scottish guards who with no concern for their own safety,  ran  to  help the policemen with no thought of their own safety.  Nor is it about the alert London policemen who thwarted the car bombs in London due to their excellent work.

No, I have always been dumbfounded by who the terrorist were.  Of the eight suspects including  the  ones in the car, five were medical doctors who had all worked in the NHS (National Health Service) and another was studying for a PhD in engineering! Yes doctors who had taken a oath to “Never do any harm” in treating patients, had planned and carried out  or bungled actually these attacks in hopes of killing and maiming.    Actually, I am still not clear in my mind of the hatred, and anger necessary to turn this men to attempt murder and mayhem on innocent people. How is it possible to be two sides of the same coin?

Just on Friday, we witnessed attempts that succeeded in Paris, the most beautiful city in the world where 129 were killed and hundreds more were wounded.  This time in the city of Light, the terrorists  didn’t fail.   The world watched in horror at the sophistication and expertise , and coolness of the operation.

As the world leaders scramble to decide on a plan and understand, the very bright, talented , prepared, and self-disciplined men of the darkness who  knew their plan  to march toward the United States.  They have said it many times, and they do what they say.

Lord have mercy!


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1 Response to Glasgow Heroes

  1. ShaunyNews says:

    Strange how World news gets shared. Many over here, 41 Miles from me and beyond where this event happened in Scotland KNOW John Smeaton actually didn’t do too much. There are 2 Taxi drivers who beat up 2 Terrorists who were on Fire that saved lives that day. There is a LOT of resentment in places that John made himself a Millionair while others who did more got nothing..John was the news the World wanted to share.

    This here is Scotland’s biggest daily newspaper in terms of sales around Scotland…
    Glasgow Airport Attack Hero John Smeaton Branded A ‘Fake’

    Fair play to John for just happening to be having a sneaky cigarette when it happened. One other Scottish guy kicked a Terrorist ON FIRE in the balls and broke his foot 😀
    He got NO news or money like John…
    WE BEAT UP 2 TERRORISTS ON FIRE…Don’t come to Scotland to terrorize, we fight back… lol

    Bomb hero describes testicle kick
    A taxi driver who tackled the Glasgow Airport terror suspects has had his trainers confiscated after kicking the attacker ‘in the balls.’

    Alex McIlveen, 45, kicked and punched the two men after they crashed a Jeep Cherokee loaded with propane gas intended to cause devastation and destruction in Terminal One. But rather than being rewarded for his fearless efforts, the police confiscated his favourite pair of trainers for forensic tests. Alex said: “The police took all the clothes I’d been wearing so I lost my Nike trainers. They’re a good pair too.”

    There you are, the truth from a guy (Me) who was 50 miles away from this event…

    Billy Connolly – Terrorist Attack At Glasgow Airport, Must Watch!


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