Deadly State of the Nation

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Heroin Abuse Effects
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When heroin abuse lasts for a lengthy period of time, long term effects start to take hold. Those who chronically abuse the drug may soon develop abcesses, infection of the heart lining and valves, liver and kidney disease and various pulmonary complications. And since heroin is often cut with other chemicals, the risk of death by accidental overdose becomes quite high.

The Ugly Truth About Heroin Abuse

Just like crystal meth, heroin greatly affects an abuser’s appearance. The dark spots on this man’s face were brought about by heroin abuse. But worse than facial scars is the fact that heroin poses serious risks to one’s health. Infection of the heart lining and valves, and kidney and liver disease are just some of the life-threatening effects of heroin abuse.

Source: Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office

Abusing Heroin
Category: Before And After Drug Abuse » Heroin Abuse Pictures

Years of heroin abuse can turn an otherwise pleasant-looking woman into a scarred shadow of her former self. The weight loss, the sunken cheeks and the facial sores are, however, only the least of a heroin addict’s problems. As they continue abusing the drug, they are increasing their risk for kidney and liver disease, heart lining infections, and death by accidental overdose.

The Horrible Effects of Prolonged Heroin Addiction

The woman in this photo, Rachel Keogh, had been a heroin addict since she was 15. After more than 10 years of heroin abuse, the veins in her arms, where she regularly shoots heroin up, were utterly destroyed. She nevertheless continued injecting the drug, and came dangerously close to having her arms amputated, as necrosis had already set in. She eventually cleaned her act up, and authored a book detailing her heroin experience.

Awful Transformation After Abusing Heroin

heroin, opium

This heroin addict just transformed herself from a pleasant-looking woman into someone barely recognizable. Such is the effect of drugs like heroin on its abusers. Aside from the surface impact of the drug on one’s appearance, there are even worse effects that chronic heroin abuse can do. Every snort or shot of heroin brings them at greater risk of contracting HIV, infecting their heart lining and valves, liver and kidney disease and dying by accidental overdose.

Heroin Abuse Results

heroin, opium

Category: Before And After Drug Abuse » Heroin Abuse Pictures

Heroin is one of the most dangerous drugs out there. Arguably the most physically addictive illicit drug, heroin carries with it serious consequences when abused. The effects on one’s appearance are bad enough, ranging from drastic weight loss to decaying teeth. The long-term effects, however, are much more dangerous. Abuse heroin on a regular basis and the chances of suffering from kidney and liver disease, cardiovascular problems, and dying from an accidental overdose become so much higher.


 CBS has put together this moving story of drug addiction in the US. It is rampant in upstate New York.  Nurses and food pantry directors and people who work with young people and  the poor  are trained in administering a nose spray to start withdrawal.  Young people in our area are dying with the syringe still in their arm.

The addiction usually begins with pain pills and when that supply dries up, the drug of choice become heroin which is now about $10 a hit.  It can be cut with a silent killer .  In our area, many young people have died long before their time with this insidious  and deadly situation.


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