The Alhambra , Granada Spain


The exquisite Muslim calligraphy at the jewel of the Moorish empire, the Alhambra,  in Granada Spain. Google Public Domanin

This is one of my all time favorite places i have visited,  even though it was years ago that we were there.  We actually drove around Spain with our two children in a little car without air condition or even a radio.  There was much bickering. . . . “She is in my space!’ and “He is looking at me!”  Two weeks we spent in Spain, which is a rather large country by European countries.  Though we really enjoy travelling by train, have a rental car allows more flexibility in visiting contemporary architecture.  The historic buildings are in the center  but obviously the contemporary are  more in the outskirts of the cities.

I have mentioned before how the architect would promise  a garden visit in the afternoon if the kids were good as a reward to visiting church after church. The clever kids would ask dad, “How come you visit all those churches over here but don’t go to church at home?”  He would just laugh! Grande was near the end of our time in Spain, due to its location way south near the Mediterranean and North of Africa. I remember hordes of gypsies  just outside the gate who were there to  ask for money as the tourists entered or exited.  Just like at the Taj Mahal, no beggars were allowed on the site which honestly does improve the visit.

All this background is to say that after  two months of touring, we were pretty well seasoned travelers even the 12 and 6 year old. I am not sure if it was intentional , but it seemed that David had saved, if not the best, at least one of the  best sites we saw during that time.

The lovely palace was open, filled with Muslim calligraphy, tiles and open to and winding among the gardens.  Honestly, we spent 6 hours exploring the wonders of it all .  And neither the children nor I complained once!   You just have to see and experience it!

In May, 2013 at the end of our first time in India, some of the students were planning some detour  trips as they made their  way home.  Tyler and Liz were planning European sites including Spain.  I, of course, suggested the Alhambra.  They said it was so far out of the way of the other Spanish sites, but of course I went on and on.  Later , David said, “Good grief, you do go on and on ! Nothing will live up to your description!”  Well, the went, and of course are architects.  Tyler  sent a card showing a picture of the beautiful gardens and fountains.  ”  Dear Miss Anne!  We found the Alhambra even more beautiful that you described!”  Whew, I was relieved and David just laughed!”


Google Public Domain Image


Have any of you visited the Alhambra?   Have you heard of it before?  

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