Pets at the Pantry. . . . ConSERNS-U

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A cat and a dog at the food pantry?  Really? Well , not literally but figuratively. I have to admit that I was surprised that we have pet food donated by the animal shelters.  Why?   I have written about the great love pets and people have and clients of food pantries are no different. At the end of the shopping when , the shopper volunteer  goes into the back room to select 3 special items, usually detergent, soap, toilet paper, or shampoo,  the client will ask about pet food.  Sometimes the cupboards are bare.  We can not give things to them if there are none available.   But at the moment we have huge bags, 40 pounds or larger for distribution.  The volunteers fill plastic bags with dry food to give out several pounds or so for the pets of clients.

This gift of generosity is a love for the pets and  their well being. The experience is that people will feed their pets as long as they possibly can, but when they are at the end of the pet rope, they will just put them out on  their own to fend for themselves.  Then because feral dogs don’t roam our streets as they do in India, they will end up in shelters and need feeding and care anyway.  The SPCA tried to break that cycle by provided food to the owners so that they and their pets can stay and love together.

Your thoughts? 

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2 Responses to Pets at the Pantry. . . . ConSERNS-U

  1. This is a great cause! But in terms of the diet and nutrition of our animals, do you think dry pet food is enough though?

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    • annetbell says:

      Gosh, I really am not an expert on dog nutrition. The pantry gives away food bought at the regional food bank at 16 cents a pound. Pet food is donated. We are limited by those constraints. I can tell you are for dogs to have bones. I would love to hear about your thoughts.


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