Fragility of Democracy


Man killed by Indian mob. . . . The Indian Express  ( New York Times)

Thirty-five leading Indian authors and poets have returned coveted literary award to protest the violence that is creeping into Indian corporate life under the Hindu Nationalist government of Narendra Modi.

This protest began in September when a 76 year old anti-Hindu man was  killed in his home.  another red light is Mr. Modi failing to promptly   condemn  the killing of this Muslim man by a Hindu move because they suspected he had killed and eaten  the meat of a cow.

Indian Writers Return Awards to Protest Government Silence on Violence

Cattle Become a Trigger for Sectarian Violence in India


With Return of Prize, India’s Literary Stars Protest Rising Intolerance


Indian activists, seeking an investigation into the beating death of a Muslim man, shouted slogans against Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a protest in New Delhi on Oct. 6.

Prominent writers in India are collectively protesting what they consider an increase in hostility and intolerance, which they argue has been allowed to fester under the  government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, by returning a prestigious literary award.

Mr. Modi,  please remember the 2002 Gujurat riots which included the burning of a  train, and the killing of many Muslim people in retribution.   You were under suspicion, investigation, and even  trial for years because at the very least you failed to do all you  could to protect the Muslims.  Now you have been deemed “not guilty” for those riots, and I hope you have learned your lesson.  You are the PM of all of India, the largest democracy of the world.   You must remember and act on the fact that you are responsible for the safety of all of India and Indians with the multitude of faith systems. 

Democracy is a very fragile and fleeting gift! 

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