Lacrosse is Coming Home


Yes, the WORLD Championship of box or indoor Lacrosse is coming in four days to the Ondondaga Nation  ( Haudenosaunee) in upstate New York.  It will be the first time a world championship   has been played on the land of  indigenous people anywhere in the world.  It is  very special because the Onondaga were the first to play this game, that is now a world wide phenomenon.  It is apart of their sacred beliefs that it is played reverently  for the creator as an act of gratitude by the men who play.

There are thirteen nations fielding teams from Australia, Turkey, Finland and the Czech Republic. Games are scheduled in several venues  but every team in the tournament is insistent on  a visit to the Nation, if not for a game at least for a workout to play on the ground where it first was played in ancient time.   The World Championship game will be in the Carrier Dome of Syracuse University on September 27. Enjoy and learn from this lovely video.



Here is the story of the Thompson boys who were featured on the preceding video.  They are outstanding athletes and young men.  This weekend they held a 3 day clinic for the native and non- native players in the surrounding area.

Our family has a special relationship with the Onondaga Nation because of our  daughter-in-law.  Parker, our grandson played in the clinic and he has the blood of Onondaga Lacrosse from his Grandfather and also from his father who also played and loves the game.   We are all very happy and proud that this marvelous heritage continues and to be part of it.




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