First Day of School. . . . . .


Today is the big day in New York. . . I loved first days as a new beginning for both the students and me.  I never would look up past records or notes from previous teachers because I thought every student needed a fresh start.  There was plenty of time for strategies and conferences about challenges later in the year.  I didn’t want to start school the year with a preconceived notions just hope and goal  for a successful year for all!

The lists of supplies has grown and grown as the budgets have been cut in school districts.  It appears that teachers are requesting parents to supply needs at the beginning of school for the whole year and whole class.  Note to New York teachers:  In Arizona , some parents sued the district. . . .a pubic school saying  the district should supply needs because it was funded by  taxes of the public.  Districts hate to be sued by parents as the district most often loses.  This was not in my district near Phoenix, but  the policy changed  in the area to a SUGGESTED list of supplies and a note saying if for any reason , the district would provide for the child!


Part of ConSERNS-U food pantry’ mission  is providing  the supply lists of our clients including new back packs and underwear for  the children of the families we serve.  The distribution  day was on September 2 when I was with my grandchildren in Central New York.  The pantry tries to have the exact items on the lists for the grades and schools of the families we serve. If they are current clients, the supplies are passed to them without charge.

The churches are given lists of needed items and many people, volunteers included. either give money or bring in supplies for the children.  The first day is all about the “new”, new teacher, new classroom, new grade, new supplies, new outfit, new backpack! For that first day,  we try to level the playing field for these precious children!

Happy First Day, students and teachers ! Smile!

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  1. Yes there are lots of supplies and lists at our local stores as you walk in!

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