Officer of Distinction . .Harjit Singh Sajjan


Another great story forwarded by Judy!  I have great admiration for  the Sikhs from the Junjab  in India. A few weeks ago, I posted “Don’t Freak, I am a Sikh” and  there are several posts on The Golden Temple in Amritsar and their commitment to feed the poor.  Here is another outstanding Sikh. This time it is about a military man in his adopted country of Canada.

I have heard over and over from Indians who want to come to the United States on  how it is almost impossible.  I hope with all this talk of reorganizing the immigration policy that more Indians are allowed to come. There are so many talented and well educated people who are experts in technology, medicine , engineering, as well as photography and film.   One of my friends in the arts is going to Australia because it is impossible to come the US.   And to a one,they love the United States!  More craziness in our government . . . .  I think !

I would love to hear your thoughts. . . . . 

This Is An Incredible Indian in Canada! 

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