Music Monday . . . The Transformative Power of Classical Music



Yale music school performance hall.  (Google public domain)

I decided it  is time to restart my Music Monday posts  when I was jogged by my friend Joey Fala .  Joey, some of you may remember, was to be in our group to India this spring but he just couldn’t  squeeze it in between, finishing his degree in Architecture in May  while simultaneously working on a master’s degree in lighting this  month.  Well, it turns out that while we were in India, Joey was working in a number of organ recitals  around the country as well as applying for a master’s program at Yale.  You guessed it!   He leaves Troy in August and then off to New Haven to the very select program working for a Master’s degree Organ Performance at Yale.  There are  6 students in each of the two years in the degree program.  This is an update since my first post about this young Renaissance man.

Joey sent me a message and the video about Benjamin Zander who is one of his heroes that I might want to use in Monday Music.  ” He is a stellar conductor and teacher but more importantly an effortless communicator.” (Joey’s description. )  It is long and I watched the whole thing.  Zander and his student (cellist )  deeply touch the viewer’s heart including mine.  I hope you will have the time and interest to watch it until the end as Zander shares how music  transforms the  musician and the listener. There is a lesson here for each of us  no matter our vocations or avocations in life.

Joey, blessings to you as  you follow your dream! 

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I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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8 Responses to Music Monday . . . The Transformative Power of Classical Music

  1. Beth Free Van Fossen says:

    Anne, I went to school in SC with Dr. Robert Blocker who is presently the dean of music at Yale. The greatest guy. Please have your friend say hello for me. Haven’t seen Robert in awhile but we were great friends in elementary school & junior hi. Still have the ID bracelet he gave me in the 8th grade. Saw him perform at Ely Cathedral when we lived in Scotland. Had not seen him since I moved to Va when I was 15. Small world. Read your blog all the time. Just don’t say anything Keep in touch.


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    • annetbell says:

      Wow Beth, it is great to hear from you ! What an interesting story and I will copy your message for Joey.l He is one amazing kid! I am happy you read the blog, and do let me know what you think! Smiles!


  2. Beth Van Fossen says:

    I went to elementary & jr hi with Dr. Robert Blocker who is the dean of music at Yale A truly special guy I have not seen him in a bit. We saw Robert perform at Ely Cathedral withthe Yale alumni chorus. At that time he had moved to SMU but all the Yalies were begging him to return to Yale. He did within the year. Please tell your friend Joey to say for me. I still have the I D bracelet he gave me in the 8th grade. When we got together in Ely, we had not seen each other since I left SC when I was 15. He invited us to a black tie event the night before. Jerry did not have a tux. He was working at a construction site. So Robert, the guest of honor, wore a suit so we would not feel out of place. Just an all around nice guy. Hope Joey has a wonderful time at Yale. Congrats to him. A small world. Read your blog all the time. Just don’t comment.

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  3. Kentucky Angel says:

    WOW! What more can be said?

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