Mission Impossible 5. . . . a film

Mission Impossible 5. . . . Rogue Nation is a fast paced  thriller with intense actions scenes and very violent.  My husband loved every minute of it!   It is just what you pay your money and expect to see in a MI film.  We saw it  on a huge IMAX screen with the very loud sound system that is part of the more expensive ticket.

Now  here is me trying to find some redeeming elements of the film.  Tom Cruise at 53 is a fine specimen!   He does most of the stunts including riding on the outside of a plane on take-off and  the exciting  motorcycle road race.   I also like the pictures of Marrakesh in Morocco.   It is a place somewhere on a bucket list of mine. David did point out that though we have not been to Morocco, we have been to many small cities similar to it  in other countries.  In this film, the streets were deserted  with the cars whizzing by.  David reminded me that in none of the similar places we have visited , are the  streets ever bare but always filled with crowds of people, doing what crowds of  people do.  Of course he was right!  Fun none the less.  This movie demands the cessation of reality anyway!

Ah friendship is important to the Mission Impossible guys. .  . well at least the good guys.  There are familiar faces from the preceding movies.  And the team is intent of helping their buddies no matter the cost to themselves.  In some respects it is a morality play with justice prevailing as they protect the innocent and justice handed  out to the evil doers.

If you choose to accept this assignment. .  . “Mission Impossible 5″ is a thrilling summer ride!”   Just don’t overthink it! 

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I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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2 Responses to Mission Impossible 5. . . . a film

  1. manonlesko says:

    Just watched it yesterday. The perfect relaxing, no-brainer movie for a week night 🙂

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