“Mr. Holmes”. . . . the film

” Mr. Holmes” is the 254 th  film with a plot about  Sherlock Homes.  Is is necessary?  Could it be relevant, interesting, current?  Well, I would  answer in  the affirmative. Mr. Holmes is set  in his  retirement which has lasted  for thirty years.  He says in the film that he is 93 years of age.  In the tranquil setting of the  English countryside, he is  living with the  guilt of a botched last case even after  all these years ago.   And as he faces his approaching death, he is trying to remember the details of the case to  write them in a story  to assuage his guilt,  a confession of sorts.

Watson, Holmes’ faithful partner had been the writer and keeper of the past, but they are no longer together. During their life and work together, Homes had looked down on Watson’s fiction writing  as “worthless” .  As life seems to teach all of us , as Sherlock aged, he gained a deeper understanding of human nature and not just the facts and  tangible evidence.

The supporting cast of Laura Linney from the TV series of “John Adams” and the charming Milo Parker, her 9 year old son, hold their own with the iconic actor, Ian McKellen. It is a magnificent period piece with stellar acting , beautiful cinematography and exquisite writing and use of the  English language.  Oh dear, now I have lost the men !  No explosions or car chases.. . . . not a one!

The story is Holmes, himself, as he faces his failing memory.  Instead of becoming angry and depressed he faces and grows  through his  spiritual turmoils as the end of his life approaches.  Holmes become a more complete person with integration of heart, mind , and soul.  He is older, wiser , and warmer than the younger detective.. . . . a more complete person.

This Is a Terrific Film! 


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  1. Great review, I’ll look out for this x


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