“See You Again”

This week, I have had the fun of spending time with two of the three  local grandchildren. (Oldest was at volleyball camp).   I took H.  to yoga with me on Wednesday morning.  He thought it awesome to go to yoga with his grandmother and thinks me cool because I wear lots of bracelets.  A. and and I are working on a birthday project for their Mom’ upcoming special day.

We spent lots of time in the car and I found out pretty quickly that my propinquity for   “talk radio” was vetoed!    We listened to  popular music instead.   I had heard “See You Again” before but this time I really listened. It was written  by Wiz Khalifa  in response to the death of the star  Paul Walker as a  tribute to Walker in the new Furious 7 film.  Charlie Puth was chosen to sing it because he had personal current loss  over the death of a friend. The  emotion and pain are very clear in his  voice.

Loss is a  theme that  is a  personal part of  all our lives  . . death of a  family member or friend, loss of a child, a dream, youth, health and many more.   Loss is a part of life for all people everywhere and this international , multicultural  theme touches us all.

Thanks H. and A.  for touching my heart in such a special way just being with you.  Maybe I will listen to  more music in the car. . . so much for that snooty thought  that the only good music was from the 60s and 70s!

Until I See You Again !

About annetbell

I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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3 Responses to “See You Again”

  1. ShaunyNews says:

    Just Brilliant Anne…
    Emotional stuff. My son’s cried at this. I cried at this.
    Paul was part of the F&F Family…When he passed, everyone felt it. From actors to people making scripts to people making lunch. When his brother said he would step in to finish the last move.. That image above is CGI. Paul’s Brother with part of Paul’s face digitally placed over his brothers..You can tell his Brother is crying…

    So sad.,… 😦 x

    “Fast & Furious Ended it the way it started! #PaulWalker”

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