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Keyur Panchal,   https://keeppicturing.wordpress.com/,  Is hiding in the middle back of the picture. Keyur is a friend of mine from Facebook and has  been for quite some time.  You know when something just clicks and it seems  you have known someone for ages?   Well, that happened  with Keyur and me,  and then there was Incredible India and Amazing Ahmedad where Keyur  and his family live !

Keyur came to the hostel our first day  last December  in Ahmedabad and took us for a cup of welcoming “chai,”  He told me that his Ma is a tailor and if I wanted some custom Indian clothes that she would do it. And she love  to make children’s clothes.  I have a little granddaughter in the US who loves clothes.  I came back to New York with a new wardrobe for her , complete with a little girl scarf!

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This picture at the top  shows shirts   made for the girls and me. Keyur and his mom went to the fabric market in the old city  with us  to insure we received a fair price for our purchases. We bought our material and the sewing was $3.00 per piece!

Matt went to a man’s tailor and had his shirt made.  He also had a suit made for $100 which included three pieces, the material and sewing


The Panchal’s are such a generous , friendly and kind family.  I met the grandmother on one of my visits and she wanted be to give me a bag that she made.  All that beautiful embroidery is hand done.

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I hope this tale gives you a little insight into why I love Indian people so much and the the Panchal family in particular!


This Is the Incredible Panchal Family of Amadabad  My Friends !

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I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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  1. Judy Kapila says:

    Indeed it is the people one meets, that make you love or hate a place! No one is more welcoming that Indians!

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