Aerial View of Sikh Golden Temple , Amritsar, India

11082473_10203814597582148_2885783864221779008_n   The Golden Temple rivals the beauty of St. Peter’s in Rome, in my mind.  This video shows the whole complex tucked in the middle of the ancient city of Amritsar  in the Punjab.  As spectacular as the site is and yes, that is real gold, it is the Shik’s committment to caring for the poor which really speaks to me.  There a kitchen run and stocked completely by Sikh followers that is open 24/7  serving up to 100,000 hungry people with free food.  At night, the homeless can sleep under the arcades and even bathe in  the pool.

Here is my previous post on the Golden Temple and the Sikh commitment to caring for the poor.

Here is an amazing aerial view of the Golden Temple sent to me by by my great Indian resource, Judith.  Thanks my friend.

This Is Incredible India! 

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  1. Have been there !


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