Last Group Photo!

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Our last group photo on the roof terrace with Mukesh and Jayshree !

Tomorrow will be a week since David and I left India.   As of yesterday , all these amazing students are back home in the US of A, safely.  On the drive from New York City to Upstate, we stopped to eat and I stupidly ate three small pieces of Italian sausage!   Somehow in my foggy travel  brain, I thought this was a good idea and it certainly tasted good.  This is ironic, as I had been extra careful all during our time in India with food and water and avoided any “Delhi Belly,” and then to get it right at landing in New York. So sleeping crazy odd hours and running to the bathroom filled my early days back home. I awoke at 2AM , still in my regular clothes , not being able to remember when I went to sleep or whether I had dinner.  So I made some “veg” pasta  which is the ultimate comfort food, day or night !

I have had my hair cut by  Angela’s magic fingers , visited the  food pantry, gone to my justice prayer group and of course seen my daughter and  and the nearby grandchildren.  I spoke to my son and his family on Mother’s Day. So you can see I am getting acclimated.

Sometimes India is just a memory that seems to be a dream of a far off place of wonder we  had the joy of experiencing for 8 long months during 2 visits. I have so many amazing memories of people, places, friends, food, travels forever written on my heart.

An unexpected surprise yesterday was a text from Mukesh from the Presidency Enclave where we stayed both trips to Ahmdavad! They are missing our group as much as we are missing them.

Thank you India for your warm embrace, your friendly, warm people who just wanted to take my picture and shake my hand,  I count  you all as friends.  And remembering the reaction over and over to my answer of “America” as my country, and the Indian response. . . “Ah, America!”  May we continue to be the “Ah, America!” which these dear Indians dream of in this changing and confusing world  where we live.

Thank you India, and my dear Indian friends, I will never forget you !

This Is Incredible India! 




About annetbell

I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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6 Responses to Last Group Photo!

  1. ShaunyNews says:

    Brilliant memories and I enjoyed following you around India. x Good final image and ironic with the food back home 😀 Happened a few times here to people, not funny at the time, but then we laugh at irony

    “I awoke at 2AM , still in my regular clothes, not being able to remember when I went to sleep or whether I had dinner. So I made some “veg” pasta which is the ultimate comfort food, day or night !”

    That is my life 24/7. I don’t say this to make you feel bad or me better. Just strange to read it sometimes. lol

    Hugs x


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