Meenaksi Temple. . . . Madurai

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gopuras of Meenaksi Temple

 This is the Meenaksi Sundareshvara Temple in Madurai which has been the heart and life of  the Tamil people for 2500 years from ancient Madurai until today.  It is hard to tell if the city or the temple have grown together as one, but it is  evident as you wander from vendors straightway into the temple courtyard where people and animals are resting or sleeping in the shade of giant columns.

Spaced around the perimeter  of the temple grounds are 12 gopuras  or pyramidal gates rising more than 164 feet that   mark  the four direction entrances to the temple complex at the  four cardinal points.

The solid granite bases are covered with stucco figures of deities, mythical animals,  and monsters .  The gopurs are all  painted in a 12 year rotation using vivid  Indian colors.



Enjoy a walk through this spectacular sacred architecture!


This Is Incredible India! 

Here is my post from my  last time in the south of India !




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I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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7 Responses to Meenaksi Temple. . . . Madurai

  1. Martian says:

    Oh, finally you reached my native and I wish you had a good time around the temple!

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    • annetbell says:

      Hey Martin, I loved it, all except the burning bare feet on the hot, hot stones as we wandered! Maybe you can help me by telling me the name of the festival where Shiva and Meenaksi go to another temple for the wedding of their son. Huge parade at night with fireworks, dancing elephants, camels and floats. The parade was at the temple out from town where the wedding of Shiva’s son took place. I was looking for pictures and history of it all. I love those huge crowds and the energy and the joy of it all! If you don’t know, please don’t worry about it! It is forever in my brain, and just wanted some images and words to tell my readers! Big smiles. . .

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      • Martian says:

        Oh great, This festival has started now and it’s called “Chitrai Thiruvila” or “Chitra Festival” . Chitra is the first month of the Tamil Calender.
        Meenakshi ( alias Goddess Parvathi) is the sister of Lord Alagar ( incarnation of Lord Krishna).. Alagar stays in AlagarKoil ( a place near Madurai- both the name of Temple and the place is called “AlagarKoil” , koil=temple in tamil).
        Alagar comes to Madurai to give away the dowry for his sister “Meenakshi”. So the festival is celebrated for a week, from Marriage to this event, and when Alagar return to Alagarkoil, everyday there will be celebration and where ever he stays before reaching the Alagarkoil, the celebration continues..
        My granny from the place “alagarkoil” she knows more than me 😛

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      • annetbell says:

        Oh this is great MartIn! I saw Chittai but wasn’t sure. I don’t like to bore people with too many details, after all they research themselves if the are interested. Give your Granny a hug from me and bless your kind heart!


      • Martian says:

        😛 sure thanks

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  2. Anup Agrawal says:

    Meenakshi Temple is one of my favorite temple i enjoy visiting it every year. It is a very treasured heritage of Indian culture. Thank you for sharing this post it was very helpful and informative.

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