Elephant Pat . . . Shiva’s Wedding Anniversary. . Wind Flower. . . .

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In Pondicherry, a seacoast city just south of Chennai, we were treated to a tropical resort called Wind Flower.  It was located out of the city and honestly, the plantings were more beautiful in my mind, than a Hawaiian resort  where we have stayed.  The large bush is white Poinsettia  bush over 6 feet tall !  Arriving in the outskirts reminded me of visits to Agri-tourism farms in southern Italy which are a great and reasonable way to travel in Italy.

Here are some more pictures I took of the grands.  There was an older woman watering once a day in the scorching sun. I looked to see if they had the Arizona watering system on timers but they didn’t . It is amazing that in this heat plants and flowers thrive.

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I love the floral hedges. . .

The city has two distinct sections  consisting of the French Colonial Planned section with a lovely garden , grid streets,  French street names and an iron fence surrounding the Governor’s palace.  It was familiar in plan for those of us who had been to  New Orleans or cities in Canada.

All around the French Quarter the arms of the Indian Pondicheery wraps herself.   There was much excitement as this was the beginning of the 15 day celebration of Shiva’s wedding festival.   And Indians  love wedding celebrations! There was a huge parade with flowers and the elephant. She had been covered in bright Indian colors, but I was too slow to get that picture.

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She  is the elephant who lives near the Ganesha Temple.  Ganesha is a Hindu  god who has the head of an elephant.  In this country , elephants are thought to be good luck.  After you give a small donation to the elephant in her truck , she will thank you with a pat on the head!   11156322_813643048704094_8727577943952823551_n (1)

This had been on  the bucket list of the students and we have done all  four now!   Elephant pat on the head, elephant ride, and camel ride, Mindy hands  with not just one Indian wedding but two!     The trip to India is a success and  bucket lists completed with weeks to spare !

This is Incredible India !


Here is my post from the previous trip in 2013.


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  1. Love all the pics, but the one with the elephant made me smile, for sure!

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