Safely Back!



Dbell is touring the dean around  Amdavad for architecture, temples and step wells.   So I am own my own. Probably because he doesn’t want me to talk too much. Can you imagine that?   So when I decided on some fruit and water, the  cupboard was bare!    That meant I had to wak down the lane, and cross Samved Hospital Road, all by myself.  After all this time it still terrifies me and I have to hold the nearest available hand. . . husband, student. . .

Well Sunday traffic is lighter, but only a little. I grant you that but that is by Indian standards!   Well I set out to do my shopping. Granted I could miss a few meals but that isn’t fun!  Our little  vendor man  has a shop similar to the image above  where he sells cigarettes  one by one, candy , all sorts of Indian and American snacks.  He had peanuts today which doesn’t always have  and that made me happy . I also bought some Lay’s Chili Lemon chips and large bottle of mineral water an absolute necessity.  Because I had to wait as he finished with another customer, he gave me a small cup of chai!    I bought  2 individual bags of chips, a bad of shelled peanuts and three large waters for 140 rupees is about $2.30!

Next stop was the fruit vendor. images (28)

He greeted me with “KimChow” ( How are you ?)

I replied with , “Majama!” ( I am fine!)   This and Namaste are pretty much  the extinct of my Indian languages and oh yes,  Abar which is thank you.   Well anyway, my attempts are met with a big Indian laugh as they are surprised that the American auntie  knows any Gujurati!   These little moments  will be  forever with me!

I bought some bananas , oranges  and a couple of mangoes at his behest.  I thought mango season begins in April , but maybe these are imported or just early.  I also remember that for the Indians ,Alfonsos are the mango of choice which they look forward to each spring!

Now I am safely back in the hostel.  What shall I eat first with my high carb lunch?  Oh yes, it must be the mango while I am very hungry and can enjoy its juicy pulp to the fullest~

This Is Incredible India!

images from Google public domain

Here is my initial post on the “King of Fruits”

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I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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  1. Kentucky Angel says:

    Goodness Anne, may I come and lunch with you? Mango is one of my favorite fruits, but I have to buy the frozen chunks to be sure it is good. We only get the imported fresh mango here, and it comes very green, and is rotten before it get ripe. So, I buy frozen chunks or dried mango. It’s okay, but not like fresh.


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