Frozen What?

Nearly Frozen Waves Captured On Camera By Nantucket Photographer

CBS Boston

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(Photo credit: Jonathan Nimerfroh  - Instagram: @jdnphotography)

(Photo credit: Jonathan Nimerfroh – Instagram: @jdnphotography)

NANTUCKET (CBS) – The record-setting winter of 2015 has left us with all kinds of remarkable images, most of them of snow and ice.

But a photographer on Nantucket found something most of us have never seen – nearly frozen waves.

(Photo credit: Jonathan Nimerfroh  - Instagram: @jdnphotography)


Jonathan Nimerfroh was walking along a beach on the island recently when he saw these waves rolling in like slush.

The waves were semi-frozen because there was so much ice inside them.

(Photo credit: Jonathan Nimerfroh  - Instagram: @jdnphotography)

He took several pictures and shared them with WBZ-TV chief meteorologist Eric Fisher.

“It looks like a big Slurpee rolling ashore,” Fisher said.

(Photo credit: Jonathan Nimerfroh  - Instagram: @jdnphotography)

You can see more incredible photos on Nimerfroh’s website

Our daughter sent this to us this morning!   It seems totally Photoshopped ,but thinking about Niagara Falls frozen as it fell, I guess if  it is cold enough waves can totally freeze , too !  David spoke to the Dean’s secretary and she said her dog refused to go this morning because of the cold.   Oh I am so sorry you are having such a horrible winter!

Anyone else have any winter related stories? 

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I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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13 Responses to Frozen What?

  1. iku2e says:

    this is very nice picture!


  2. Kentucky Angel says:

    Anne, does it ever get cold in India? Somehow, your “I’m sorry” didn’t sound all that sincere, but then it’s a warm 22 degrees here compared to the minus 5 we had last week. And this is Kentucky for Pete’s sake. We are supposed to be in the upper South.

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    • annetbell says:

      It actually was chilly when we first came in January. . . sweater chilly and even colder in Rajasthan. . . I bought a camel wrap which I will get lots of use out of in New York. Last week it was 100 for two days which is unusual here until May. So the unusual weather patterns are all over , I am afraid. Stay warm, girl !


      • Kentucky Angel says:

        As long as I stay home I stay warm Anne. I’ve ventured out one time and decided I don’t need anything else all that much, so will continue relying on my emergency supplies until spring, and hope I won’t need a boat then. We’re due for another record breaking flood any year now.


  3. Amazing pictures! They really stretch my view of the world…


  4. Amazing!! Never seen anything like it!


  5. Dalo 2013 says:

    These are just the coolest photos I’ve seen of water in a long, long time…really something else and probably makes you appreciate being in India 🙂


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