On the Road with Royd in Rajasthan

On our Rajasthan trip, Royd road shotgun in the bus so as to be able to take some of his amazing images. And he has been so gracious to give me his images of people and  some architecture, too. Yesterday he gave me quite a few pictures  that I want to share  with you , my India  interesting friends.


Walking is the usual transportation, so when there is a chance to ride, everyone piles on !



The nights and early mornings were much cooler than we expected. These women have warm camel shawls.



Men use the shawls to try to keep the cold air away from their thin bodies.



There are some major roads that are quite good, but at the moment not very well traveled. The infamous Indian  road  bumps keep the speed much lower than is necessary on a road like this !

IMG_1584  I can’t see for sure if these women have on flip-flops or are barefooted.



Always ready with a wave and a smile!


Crossing the road here isn’t bad because of the lack of serious traffic.  But crossing in the cities is treacherous.  Stop lights are a “suggestion” dbell says and totally ignored unless there is a police presence in the larger intersessions. The rickshaws do U-turns and go the wrong way along with the bikes and motor bikes. It is absolutely necessary to look carefully both ways as you cross the street to  avoid an accident.  Pedestrians have little if no rights it seems. . . . few crosswalks. . . . no right of way!


Musician playing for tips  outside one of the forts.  Don’t you love the turbans?


No matter how poor, the women of India wear bright and vivid saris!


I am wondering how far she has to walk and carry her load  as a beast of burden?



Thanks again Royd!

   I would love to hear from my readers. . . 

This Is Incredible India !

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I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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2 Responses to On the Road with Royd in Rajasthan

  1. These are tremendous pictures. They bring me closer to a people I admire, but whose land I shall never see.


    • annetbell says:

      Royd is a first class photographer. And they were all taken from a moving bus! Thanks for your heartfelt comment. Well, India. . . .is just Incredible. I never thought we would come here and now twice. I hope you get here someday. The Indian people are so friendly and warm. Universally travels say that. Of course there are some evil people here, too and we have heard of their crimes. But that is not the norm as far as I can tell! Just 1.6 billion souls trying to get by in a very crowded country.


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