Monday Music, “Falling Slowly” from “Once”, the film

This is not a current film. but was out in 2007 and I thought a good contrast to “50 Shades of Grey) which was just released.  “Once ”  touched me on several levels.  The music  is a haunting and a  painful song of  longing.   The story is set in Dublin, a city that  has experienced much pain over time. It is a love song and a love story, but not a romantic story of boy meets girl and they fall into bed together.  It is not about inflecting pain on someone in the name of love, but it  is the tale of touching someone’s life and heart with love that wants the best for the other person even if that is not being able to  be with them.  Touching the other person’s heart in a quiet, loving, gentle, “I want what is best for you , ” kind of a way. . . .selflessly putting the other’s needs first. I am convinced that people come into our lives when we  need them almost as  guardian angels to love and guide us with encouragement  through and over hard times in our lives for a day or a lifetime all along the way.  Most often we are unable to repay  the kindness and love they give us, but we can pass that love on to another needy soul!




Your thoughts are much appreciated. . . . . 




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I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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5 Responses to Monday Music, “Falling Slowly” from “Once”, the film

  1. One of my favorite movies. 😊


  2. ShaunyNews says:

    WOW! Had never heard that song before Anne…
    You know the way to a Scotsman’s heart for sure.
    You and I are very alike when it comes to music, well I think so..

    Thank you for sharing.. Added this to my playlist.
    Very powerful song..

    Shaun x


    • annetbell says:

      So glad you liked it. . . . Yes, I think we do have similar tastes in music as I usually like yours! Big news today ! One of the girls and I are going to be filmed on Sunday in a commercial. She is getting a green card in the US and I am a doctor. I just went with her so she didn’t have to go alone, and they asked me to be the doctor. Yikes. . . I am a good talker but not sure about an actor! Yikes. . . .Just got back to the hostel. They will send a car for us on Sunday morning. We will be working for 6-8 hours for a 30 second commercial !


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