Aam Aadmi’s Jhadu Does Safaya of Political Class in Delhi

Politicalbaaba and I got to be friends before the historic election last year. He is a political observer of Indian issues and nominated by the Guardian as expert at alternative news. He has been a guest writer for publications in India and Canada. To me, this election result is a victory for the voter and the common man. with the reelection of Aasmi as Chief Minister. I think he will be good opposition for Mr. Modi and I hope he will stick out his election to successful representation of the people who elected him. I still support Mr. Modi, but power is so seductive and can be very corrupting . I am for checks and balances in government.


It’s a historic day today, Arvind Kejriwal of Aam Aadmi Party is all set to take oath as Chief Minister of Delhi again against all odds. The relatively new party born out of Anna Hazare’s India Against Corruption (IAC) Movement emerged as the 2nd largest party in a hung assembly by bagging 28 seats, much to the surprise of many in last elections in 2013.

This time it has emerged as the largest party leading in 61/68 seats at 10:15 am India time (Source: Election Commission Website). Complete safaya of all other parties. Landslide victory, scale not even captured by exit polls.

The occasion is symbolic of the power of common man. If pushed to the corner, it can overthrow most powerful of political class. Aam aadmi is fascinated by the innovative methods of AAP & Kejriwal and feels part of the system to provide governance. Common man was so…

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