President Obama at the Congressional Prayer Breakfast

Though this is not my usual topics or point of view,  I was intrigued with the information, and the 17 minutes of presentation. I know there are  those of you who think Judge Jeanine Pirro is abrasive and opinionated. She is !  But she is a very intelligent woman having served as a judge and prosecutor in the New York City area.  She is on Saturday night on Fox News, and there probably is a reason that she is on such a limited time with her opinion show.   Nonetheless she is a concerned citizen and deserves to be heard.

I am curious as to my readers’ opinions and am perfectly ready for the  disagreement!  I am quite open to what you disagree with in this video. We live in such complicated and destructive times!

This is America at the moment. . . . .Sadly!

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I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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14 Responses to President Obama at the Congressional Prayer Breakfast

  1. ShaunyNews says:

    THAT WOMAN IS AN BAFOON….PERIOD! She is a one person propaganda machine. Anyone that spends to seconds listening to her words is stupid..Just my opinion through watching her with my jaw open.. Sorry Anne x


    • annetbell says:

      Lol, Shaun, you are consistent for sure. I am not surprised, but I was hoping you would address what she said specifically you objected to. . . . not just name calling. . . . .


      • ShaunyNews says:

        I replied below… x


      • ShaunyNews says:

        She is hate, she is stirring hate in people. She is dangerous…We don’t have media like this here. How anyone can see that Woman as doing good is beyond me. BUT..Sadly people take it in and hate continues…

        That is the sad REAL part.. x


      • annetbell says:

        She is very dramatic for sure. . . . hateful, I am not sure. I would still really like for you to explain what is hateful that she said. . . .


      • ShaunyNews says:

        Anne she is dangerous, what she says (Not just here) will stir a huge majority of Americans into hating Islam and that is wrong. “Bomb Them” she says a lot. So America should bomb ALL Muslims? Even my friends. Often a person in the limelight and has a soap box can cause unreal propaganda. This is what Fox news and Judge whatsherface do. They make people hate. I know a woman who think’s Israel get it bad. Has never been to Israel nor Palestine, so where does this woman friend of mine get the notion that Israel are the good guys?



  2. ShaunyNews says:

    I watched the video, the %’s of people who ‘Believe’ Islam/Muslims will attack America. The reason American’s (Some) are scared of Islam/Muslims is because of this woman and people like here. Anne I have told you and told you Obama IS IN THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD. Judge woman above hints it, I will give her that. But remember this?

    Obama is not your only problem. He has brought people in who talk to Muslims.

    Remember this?


    Religion, Religion, Religion. This is the new American war. A War on and against Religion.
    This is not what your Country needs or wants. The next President will be the same. Mark my word. I said Bush was bad and Obama would be worse. Obama has tried VERY HARD to start Martial Law for this reason here:

    The game for me is easy. The game for me I have solved through 3 years of research. All Fox news do is scare you and Fox news pump Israel in your (anyone’s face ) time and time again.

    What a crock of crap…I am sorry you have to leave India to go to America again…. x


    • annetbell says:

      Shaun, I always approve your replies! There are so many things on which we disagree,but we are still friends! Fox News is alternative news to the alphabet networks (ABC, CBS, NBC,MSNBC, CNN which are very liberal in their views and news reporting. Stories and points of view other than the liberal leaning of the others is presented on Fox. They also have some liberal Democrats on Fox, too. Judge Pirro is conservative in her thinking without a doubt. After I read your response, I listened to the video again and I could find nothing that I had not heard before. It is hard for me to understand your objections to that program and her presentation. You don’t like her , I get that and you are anti-religion. . and I get that, too. To me this show is just a plea to President of the United States, Barrack Obama to be the leader of all America ! I know that at one point we were supporting Isis against Assad in Syria. We have a long foreign policy of trying to keep the balance and avoid war by giving money to enemies. . . . Egypt and Israel, Turkey. They take our money and then hate us. Power, greed and corruption is as old as time with leaders around the globe. We do have to be vigilant ! Democracy does work. Look at the election in Delhi this week. Power to the People! They were not happy , and they voted change in the Chief Minister. He is not a perfect man and actually won last year, but he was unable to set up his government. Hopefully since he was given another chance, he will have learned from his last that governing is different from campaigning.


      • ShaunyNews says:

        Don’t call me anti-religion please Anne. that is unfair. I question religion, others may see me disliking religion, in the end people see and say what they want to. I don’t, I research and make sure my opinion is fair and my own. I am more open minded than most so I can take my mind to place say, religion won’t allow. I respect you, I respect your religion, I respect you being in religion. I don’t hate.

        And America at Government level has fecked your Country. I have said this before, we got lost with it, you know what I mean now, you are one of the lucky ones. How many people in America can go to India? I will answer, about 30%, the other 70% live wage to wage or (what is close to your heart) food bank to food bank.

        Don’t presume I hate, you know better. I ask question and if people want to call that hate or a dislike, then I respect that. Do I agree? Well that doesn’t matter does it?

        Hugs x


  3. ShaunyNews says:

    Not allowing that comment through ^ ? x


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