Selfie With Modi

5:59 pm IST

Feb 2, 2015


Modi Breaks the Internet with 70,000 Selfies

The politician that brought the world 3-D hologram campaigning has set out to break the Internet with his latest innovation, Modi selfies for the masses.

Last week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party launched its “Selfie with Modi” campaign to reach out to tech-savvy voters in Delhi as the state gears up for local elections this week.

The BJP says it has already collected more than 70,000 pictures of people across the capital posed with the prime minister.

While the leader of the world’s largest democracy is known to put in long hours andeven indulge in a photo op or two, he is not spending his day with a selfie stick. The pics are the product of a special smartphone app.

The BJP has set up more than 1,000 selfie booths in shopping malls and parking lots across Delhi. The capital’s 70 constituencies will go to the polls on February 7.

People interested in getting the prime minister’s face on their Facebook profiles have been lining up by the hundreds. A party worker takes a photo with a cellphone and Mr. Modi’s image magically appears in the shot.

The subjects of the selfies can then get their photos by email or download them from a party website.

“Everybody wants to meet Mr. Modi, but because of protocol, everybody can’t,” said Mr. Raj Kumar Sharma, a member of the executive committee of the BJP’s Delhi wing who manages information technology for the party.

Mr. Sharma said the campaign gives people the feeling that “they are with Mr. Modi.”

The BJP says the selfie campaign is proving so popular that it may continue even after the elections are over. Voting is Saturday. Results are due on Feb. 10.

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I couldn’t resist this story of my old buddy, Mr. Modi. I am hoping that it continues as we will be flying in and out of Delhi on the north trip and I am pretty sure there must be one or more at that huge airport!

This Is Incredible India! 

Now Mr. Modi, please work on the internet for the masses in India. . . . needs  your expert attention and some work !

What do you think?  I can imagine some would say that this is a frivolous way to spend money needed by the poor.  And who can argue with that?   But you must admit that PM Modi has a flair for the dramatic and the country is solidly behind him.


About annetbell

I am a retired elementary teacher, well seasoned world traveler,new blogger, grandmother, and a new enthusiastic discoverer of the wonderfully complex country of India. Anne
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51 Responses to Selfie With Modi

  1. As craY as it sounds .. I nust give credit to the idea ! Thanks for sharing

    • annetbell says:

      He is a master for the dramatic for sure. He used Face Book very effectively in the main election. He was and is very much trying to reach the young educated Indians. . . .they love him!

    • annetbell says:

      He and his people have used technology in new and innovative ways such as Face Book in his overwhelming win last May. He is dramatic, and a strong leader. Let’s hope he can help all of India with her challenges. . . . .

      • ShaunyNews says:

        Inviting Obama over didn’t please many in India, this I know. But as I said, fair play. I look at India, it’s political landscape, who it backs, who it hangs with.

      • annetbell says:

        Mr. Modi is a shrewd politician. He is visiting all his neighbor and engaging in talks. His single purpose is the design and construction of Delhi to be a world class city and all of India to be a world class country. Thanks Shaun.

      • ShaunyNews says:

        I know I read that Anne. His plans are amazing, sadly for the poor in India his words are only words, he must now stop talking as you said and start acting. Although India is a democracy it is a very poor country to live in. If someone goes there who is moderate in fiscal terms they get befriended. Indian people I know, some are just really nice and pleasant, some not. But Mr Modi has to act. He can’t go talking all the time. He will be see through if he can’t deliver. If Mr Modi can do half of what, say? Gaddafi did for Libya over 20 years , then he will be true to his word. I have Libyan friends, normal people like you and I, Mums, Dads, Brothers, Workers, Sports people…. They hated what the West did to Gaddafi. They killed him live on TV.
        How many people are aware of this here:

        Ignorance is bliss.. x
        (Not you, just in general)

        Cheers… x

      • annetbell says:

        Modi has a strong record of accomplishments in Gujarat on which he ran and won PM job. I agree if he doesn’t produce he will be gone. Remember,too, he understands the poor and lower class… He’s been there and done that!

      • ShaunyNews says:

        That does help I agree. When a person has came from the dirt, from poor (Gaddafi did) and go and succeed. Sadly the Western world is lead by people who were Groomed for power.

        I did this in 2010, how right I was.. x

      • annetbell says:

        Duh, I forgot to say yesterday that Mr. Modi has a long record for trying his best to eliminate the graph and corruption which is in India. He did it in Gujarat and will in India. I just hope and pray he won’t fall prey to the seduction of power himself. Seems so many politicians do !

      • ShaunyNews says:

        Some politicians are decent. The problem Mr Modi has is he is in charge of the biggest democracy on the planet. He is friends with America…Not the best thing for any political leader to do. America’s standing right now is very poor. Judge June or whatever her name is called it a little by saying America like Islam more than Jews…She was right on that one…She is still an idiot however..BUT…She gets paid a kings ransom to cause division, anger, critical thinking and more…She gets paid to do this, she has to be controversial. Otherwise nobody would watch her…All part of the game Anne.. x

      • annetbell says:

        What you said is true. . . but still can’t what she said still be a true presentation of the facts?

      • ShaunyNews says:

        Do we ever get the facts? Really, that is the question.. x

      • annetbell says:

        I know that is true now. We never get all the story ever that we expect with a free press. Someone somewhere always makes editorial choices. That is why, I think it is good to have Fox News to give a more centralist opinion as well as the conservative opinion. We do need all the story to try and make a decision. You do that with your alternative news.

      • ShaunyNews says:

        If people want to be brain washed, then they can Anne..

        Why do you think Americans made this video here:

        Why do people do this? I am not a ‘Lone voice’ I am one voice in MILLIONS. Wide awake and not ready to be spoon fed propaganda Anne…
        A belief system can only be true when we factor in all facets of whatever the story is, right?

        I love this show! How true…

      • annetbell says:

        One thing for sure, I have learned from you is that it is very hard to know exactly who is telling the “truth” or only their truth. I guess it depends on who is writing it or lived it. Everyone seems to have an agenda. That was one reason I always told my stories about Jim Crow South and growing up then to my students. They often thought it couldn’t be true and that I was just telling more stories. But sadly , it was true and much harder for the African Americans who endured it. I am sitting on the roof terrace with the sun streaming onto the screen which makes it difficult to read. I didn’t look up your links, but I will later. I always learn a lot!

      • ShaunyNews says:

        Same here Anne, I write to learn. I don’t know it all and never will. As I educate myself I share. It really is that simple hon x… I respect you more than you know. When it comes to “Who to believe” One MUST have a free open mind, otherwise other issues will cloud what truth you want to believe (I mean for anyone) x

      • annetbell says:

        Truth is both simple and complex.. . . one of the universal concept people are continuing searching for. I feel that it is absolute and not relative The truth is the truth, whether we like that or not. But we all bring our experiences in life as we journey Absolutes are certainly out of favor in the world today and people tend to make choices and decisions based on wants and needs, and feelings. But I don’t think that changes good vs. evil, love and hate, right and wrong. I think we all need to be aware that we are unable to see the whole picture and see through a glass darkly and know all the answers, but someday we will know. The truth will set us free!

      • ShaunyNews says:

        The truth is what I write Anne, I am from Scotland, I have no real need to do articles about many things. I get a tad annoyed when the proof is there and people refuse to talk about it….

        1. Al Qaeda did 9/11
        2. We all went on illegal War killing 10’s of thousands
        3. By going to war we created IS/ISIS
        4. Not one American can comment on this image here


        More to the point, not one American want’s to debate how the USA is Fascist

        Are you comfy with this Anne?

        Last week cops pulled guns on kids having a snowball fight.

        So I write about all this because hardly any Americans who write/talk the same have a clue how to respond. USA is 100% a Police State. We all know the last country that became a ‘Police State’ We also know what happened.

        I write a lot about the same topic hoping someone will be brave enough to stand up. America as a World force diminishes by the month. You guys don’t get the news we do.

        Americans called this ‘Rubbish’ within 2 minutes of me publishing it

        Americans must understand your Government is leading us to a bad place..

        Logic here Anne, read the bit I quoted:
        11 countries out of 162 not in war, 79% of our World is in War..

        Well done America

      • annetbell says:

        Shaun, I appreciate your research work and commitment to the truth. There are definitely problems in the United States as well as other places in the world. There is such a strong force of evil struggling to overcome the good in the world. . . . both at a personal and at a governmental level. My belief is that good will prevail in the end, but it is hard to see that at the moment.

      • ShaunyNews says:

        Anne, I inform myself first, I make sre I understand what our World is about, I do it for me.
        Totally agree, it’s impossible to see it happening. I use logic (I know, word bores me too, lol) Then I see and share the truth, it’s not my truth, its ‘The Truth.

        Finding the truth requires a few things, YEARS of patience, ability to read almost a book a day via small snippets. I tell the truth.

        Give me your honest opinion here, please Anne. Your honest opinion matters. Kids getting guns drawn on them for a snowball fight is in here

        Do your best x

      • annetbell says:

        There is so much in your reply! Terrible stories that are horrible and disgusting. I had never heard Willian Casey’s statement before, but I remember his name. I did want you to see the link of Darren Wilson not being indicted by the Justice Department. That happens when there is not enough evidence to convict, in their opinion. I also hadn’t seen the piece by Tom Brokaw and use of boy prostitutes. All this just goes to show the depravity of human beings with theirs being as “black as filthy rags!”

      • ShaunyNews says:

        Yeah the darkness of man. I don’t even look at regular porn, I don’t have to nor do I want to. It degrades Woman and makes Men look like Supermen, when in-fact they are pumped with steroids and viagra, kinda well known.

        That old clip is just more proof of what I have been saying. I don’t know what else I can add to prove my point.
        A point I don’t really have to make Anne…


      • annetbell says: Since we were in India, I wasn’t aware of this story. Oh course that is a horrible story and should lose his job. It is just an example of both the nervousness of the police and also how they overreact out of fear. I am thankful that no one was killed! Seeing all these things is scary for law abiding citizens who want to be protected as well as others who are targeted and mistreated lke the snowball throwers!

      • ShaunyNews says:

        I bet you the cop walks. He is in a ‘Special family’ Anne. Where they keep to themselves away from work, party with each others families. They cover for each other.

        Nervous is ok. Add a Gun, you get death. That really is as simple as it gets .. x

      • annetbell says:

        Shaun, I do think everyone has a right to make their own truth. Did you hear that after all those demonstrations and promises for trying the policeman in Ferguson, Eric Holder and the Justice Department have decided that there is not enough evidence to convict him and they are not going to pursue the case ! Eric Holder is Obama’s Attorney General! There was not enough proof that the policeman infringed or neglected the young man’s civil rights !

      • ShaunyNews says:

        Anne, the reason the USA is dead and falling is due to ignorance, People can’t make up a truth based on…..?

        Last 10 years 47 policemen have not even went through a Court for killing people.


        Skip over to London

        If you want to make your own reality up due to whatever reason, I respect. Both men who beheaded soldier Lee Rigby were shot 17 times ‘below the waist”I wouldn’t believe a word that Idiot America took from us, guy talking in studio


      • annetbell says:

        This happens in US ,too. Most of high ups in government are groomed at Harvard, Yale , or other Ivy League universities. Even Obama

      • ShaunyNews says:

        Obama? you know his education history? Can you share proof of this with me? 😀

      • annetbell says:

        No, I have no copy of his transcript and in fact that was not made public. But there are people who knew him in school in Hawaii, California, Princeton and later Harvard Law where he was the chairman of the Law Review. We can know he was there from those primary sources, but we don’t know the teachers and courses he took, his grades and have only 2 , I think, papers he wrote for the Review. It seems to me that if his grades were stellar , we would have the proof.

      • ShaunyNews says:

        I know the birthers are still skeptical. For me the only issue with Obama is the LOVE Islam more than Israel, and that makes American’s hate him. Many stand by him NO MATTER…. The USA is a total mess and it can’t be cleaned now. And that is sad.


      • annetbell says:

        There is a mess, we agree on that. I can’t be as fatalistic as you as to the possibilities of positive change! I do hope you are wrong. . . .

      • ShaunyNews says:

        I live in Scotland and live well. I need not write about the USA Anne..So ask yourself why I do. I really have no need to spread a truth a large % of your populous already know. You would be surprised how many are speaking like me. Millions Anne. Google, You Tube..Key word searches..You will see Americans do much deeper stuff than I…Why do I do it? I have no need to.. x

      • annetbell says:

        Watching Cricket match. No idea about it but incredible India seems to be doing well!

      • ShaunyNews says:

        I think India, Australia and South Africa are best teams at International, most of the Indian Squad play club level (Same as Celtic) International cricket is the exact same as Football’s World Cup (Last Football World Cup 2012 in Brazil)

        I remember Obama saying “Lets win this thing 😀 Truly is can be compared to Scotland winning the World cup or Celtic winning Champions league at club level
        😀 never going to happen.

        So you are watching International level Cricket, as I say, like Football’s World Cup where USA won 2 games, it is free TV in most of Europe, if not all. All MAJOR sporting events must be free, a World sporting/TV law.

        Here is a list of all teams who started the tournament, then, like all Sports, a Final. I would say Australia V South going on current in-play form.

        Here are league format Standings.
        HAHAHA, Scotland are out of the group stages and play, scroll down on last link above with both groups, some went home early, some still there. It isn’t even on Scottish Sport TY or Print media..

        Australia beat England, India beat Pakistan (HUGE CRICKET RIVALS, LIKE Argentina V Brazil.

        Scotland through to level before Quarter Final/Semi Final/Final. India must win by a lot of wickets against South Africa then against the U.A.E

        This World Cup lasts about a month, but to be fair its VERY like Baseball.
        Baseball in USA started In 1903, the British sportswriter Henry Chadwick published an article speculating that baseball derived from a British game Cricket, which Chadwick had played as a boy in England. But baseball executive Albert Spalding disagreed. Baseball, said Spalding, was fundamentally an American sport and began on American soil. To settle the matter, the two men appointed a commission, headed by Abraham Mills, the fourth president of the National League of Professional Baseball Clubs. The commission, which also included six other sports executives, laboured for three years, after which it declared that Abner Doubleday invented the national pastime. This would have been a surprise to Doubleday. The late Civil War hero “never knew that he had invented baseball. [But] 15 years [after his death], he was anointed as the father of the game,” writes baseball historian John Thorn. The myth about Doubleday inventing the game of baseball actually came from a Colorado mining engineer. Another early reference reports that base ball was regularly played on Saturdays in 1823 on the outskirts of New York City in an area that today is Greenwich Village



      • annetbell says:

        LOL ! Indeed that is a lesson in research Shaun ! Cooperstown , New York is near our son and where the Baseball Hall of Fame is located. Interesting that Doubleday didn’t know he is thought of as Father of Baseball ! Interesting story. and now you know more about Cricket and Baseball as an international sports’ guy!

      • ShaunyNews says:

        I only know by opening a browser and typing 😀 then going into You, till you mentioned it, I had no interested in any of the sports..Was good fun to learn.. x

      • annetbell says:

        You have a great teachable spirit. . . . most of the time!

      • annetbell says:

        Well, in my opinion no one has all the truth!

      • ShaunyNews says:

        Anne that is true. But you said we can “Make our own truth” lol…You are right nobody has all the truth. When I do an article it is based on facts and truth, the best I can. I can’t go and interview people in Spain etc. So all I do I do from this chair. You are right, but there are things we can prove. It depends if the mind want’s to believe it.
        Does God have the Truth?

      • annetbell says:

        God is truth,in my beliefs

      • ShaunyNews says:

        As I expected, and I agree..x

  2. ShaunyNews says:

    India is the 2nd biggest populous behind China, India has 1.3 Billion people. They say it’s the Worlds biggest democracy, 10x Bigger than even the USA… No surprise here for me… Good share x

  3. annetbell says:

    Shaun, I watched the Libya video. Interesting facts. I remembered that Gaddafi was killed on TV. but I thought it was by his people. That oil money went a long way in Libya. India will be a capitalist country under Modi. He has a 13 year record to run on from his time at CM in Gujarat. He immediately called for production and installation of toilets 8 million between July last and end of September. There now are trash cans all around Amadavad, and trash trucks. there is free education and hot lunches for all the children School is in session 5 days from 9-4:30 and half day on Saturday. I am not sure why, but he wants all Indians to have a bank account. . . . stability , or for direct deposit. . . . or maybe control?? And thank God there have been no horrible rapes in the news since we arrived over a month ago. Good!

    I don’t think India will go to the left to Socialism or Communism. Indira Gandhi had lots of Socialist polices that worked out to be detrimental to the Indian economy. Interestingly, Kerala a state way in the south of India. is a communist party state. The statistics say they have 100 % literacy rate there. Sigh, about the Rothschild and bank connection. . . I guess I am just tired of that antisemitic talk all around. Thanks for your thoughts, and time .

  4. annetbell says:

    About the Indians here and Mr. Obama’s visit. Indians would tell us over and over that he was coming. I guess they thought we didn’t know or cared that he was coming. Then when he was here, it was all Obama and Modi, all day and days! I think Mr. Modi would like to have a strong partnership with the US but he will go to China if they offer more . It will be interesting to see. The US has treated him terribly by not giving him a visa for 10 years and now falling all over him! He could be angry and snub the leaders but he is graciously forgiving them.

  5. annetbell says:

    China and one child policy. . . . you are right there are mostly articles saying that is in place, though I knew I had heard it wasn’t being so strictly enforced. I didn’t watch the video you sent, the title was horrible. Here is one video I found supporting my position! lol Sorry I couldn’t embed it from here.

  6. annetbell says:

    Your idea for me to move to India was a startling thought! Of course that is out of the question. My family, my children, my grandchildren are in America and I am an American. Maybe not a proud one at the moment, but that is my country. You know I try to stay positive in my blog, and honestly from my point of view there is little to be positive about the US at this moment. I love my country and wanted to say that, but things are changing and still changing. The other day, the woman who is up to replace Holder would not say that she would not condone drone strikes on American citizens on soil of America. Dear God,, the Constitution and amendments that have given hope to so many people around the world , must indeed be dissolved!

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